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Marina Romero-Ramos appointed board member of powerful international Parkinson organization

Professor and DANDRITE affiliated Marina Romero-Ramos has been elected as a new member of the Board of Directors of one of the world's most impactful non-profit Parkinson’s organisations—the World Parkinson Coalition. This positions her at the centre of the most cross-pollinated coalitions among scientific, clinical, rehabilitation, and advocacy communities within Parkinson’s disease.

Source: World Parkinson Coalition

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease (PD) has doubled in the past 25 years and is expected to increase further by 2030. Every day, basic scientists and clinical researchers work diligently to find a treatment for the disease and improve the lives of the people with PD.

Since 2004, The World Parkinson Coalition has been one of the few international organizations ambitiously and professionally working to facilitate cross-pollination among the scientific, clinical, rehabilitation, and advocacy communities to find a cure against the disease. To do so, and among other activities, the World Parkinson Coalition have been hosting and organizing the World Parkinson congress; a triennial meeting that brings together researchers with healthcare professionals, patients, and relatives in a unique and collaborative event.

Recently the organization announced a new Executive Leadership and two new Board members who will lead the Coalition for the next three years up through the 7th World Parkinson Congress. On the managing board of directors is Professor Marina Romero-Ramos from the Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University.

Together with leading research profiles in the field, and under the Presidency of Prof. Roger Barker (Cambridge Univ.) she will help shape the future work of the coalition, focusing on improving the lives of people with PD, promoting scientific activities, and fostering community actions and advocacy on an international scale.

“I am honoured to be a Board member of an organization that has really moved the needle on patient engagement and connecting community members. I know that the people that has experienced at least once the work done by the Coalition become faithful supporters, and many decide to be actively engaged in their activities. It is my wish to secure that this continues so until we find a cure for the disease,” says Romero-Ramos.