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DANDRITE Diversity Task Force

Open meeting for DANDRITE staff and students where we discuss local challenges with diversity, equality and inclusion and develop solutions.

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Thursday 23 February 2023,  at 13:30 - 14:30





AU has finally published the new ‘Action plan for gender equality, diversity and inclusion 2023-2025’ with a renewed focus on diversity, not only concerned with gender, but also ethnicity, age, social and - cultural background, and it explains both the importance of taking action, and of mobilizing staff and students in this effort.


This is in clear line with our idea to create the DANDRITE Diversity Task Force, where we want to support your ideas for improvements and help develop possible solutions to the challenges you might be experiencing.


Some examples of challenges could be

  • Language barriers – as an international, you might feel cut off, when communication is in Danish
  • Parental obligations – might stand in the way of participating “after hours”
  • Cultural barriers – can make it hard to gain access to informal networks


It can be big, and it can be small. If you have identified a challenge, or you have an idea for improvements, or if you are simply interested in helping with the efforts, please join the first meeting of the DANDRITE Diversity Task Force. We, in the administrative support team, will help you evolve from idea to project plan.