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DANDRITE at Matchpoint 2022

Last week the Matchpoint 2022 conference about "Our facinating brain" was held at Aarhus University and DANDRITE was present in large numbers, giving lectures, flash talks and chairing in numerous events.

Core Group Leader Poul Nissen,
Group Leader Mark Denham,
Leader Keisuke Yonehara,
Former Group Leader Anne Philipsborn,
Affiliated Reseacher Thomas Willnow, 
Affiliated Researcher Jelena Radulovic,

Flash talks by:
Nanna Møller, PhD Student, Jensen Group,
Josephine Dannersø Nissen, PhD student, Nissen Group,
Oscar Quispe, PhD student, Poulsen Group,
Valentina Khalil, PhD Student, Nabavi Group,
Mads Eskesen Christensen, Nissen Group,
Monica Dahlstrup Sietam, PhD student, Yonehara Group,

Core Group Leader Anders Nykjær,
Core Group Leader Poul Henning Jensen,
Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi, 
Affiliated Researcher Jørgen Kjems, 
Affiliated Researcher Marina Romero-Ramos,