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Congratulations to Katia Soud who has been accepted as PhD student in Takeuchi team!

Katia Soud has been working as a research assistant in Tomonori Takeuchi group since July 2019, following to receiving the AU PhD fellowship, she will start her PhD project on the 1st of February under the supervision of Tomonori Takeuchi, the project will answer questions about the mechanisms of dopaminergic memory retention by the locus coeruleus-hippocampus circuit and how novel environments play a role in this process. She will be using newly developed sensors to detect Dopamine release, opticphotometry imaging, and memory tests in rats.

Katia has a background in Pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry and she acquired her Masters degree in Human Biology from Copenhagen University, her thesis work was based on understanding the effect of Neuropeptide Y metabolites on memory and neuronal activity. Following to her study, she worked as a researcher in Copenhagen University-Department of neuroscience before joining Takeuchi’s group.