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AU-professor named among Top 30 influential figures in Pharma industry

As the sole Danish scientist among 30, DANDRITE/PROMEMO Professor Anders Nykjær has been featured as one of the top 30 most influential people in the pharmaceutical industry.

Anders Nykjær is Professor at Dept. of Biomedicine, director of Basic Research Center PROMEMO and part of the Senior Management Team at DANDRITE. Photo: AU Photo

The organization behind the list is The Medicine Maker, which celebrates individuals who have made groundbreaking innovations in new medicines for patients in need every year.

Anders Nykjær particularly is nominated for his role in identifying the Vps10p-domain receptor sortilin as a target for the treatment of various disorders, including neurodegenerative disorders. A discovery that led to the first clinical trial in November 2023.

Anders states:
“I am very honored to have been selected the Power List. Certainly, this has only been made possible by the fantastic collaborations  with colleagues at DANDRITE and Aarhus University, and with the Vesper Bio team. They all deserve credit for the selection.”

Anders Nykjær is more specifically nominated in the “Small Molecules Category”.