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2018.09.05 | PoulHenningJensen

Hjalte Gram is new Research Assistant in Poul Henning Jensens' group

Hjalte Gram is employed in Poul-Henning Jensens group as research assistant per 1'st of august 2018. He will work on factors leading to pathological aggregation of a central protein in Parkinson’s disease, a-synuclein, using animal and cell studies.'

2018.09.04 | AndersNykjær

Peter Breining is new Postdoc in Nykjær Group

Peter Breining has started as postdoctoral researcher in Nykjaer Group the 1'st September 2018, where he in collaboration with Mads Kjølby will investigate the function of SorCS1 in metabolic disorders with a particular focus on how SorCS1 affects cellular signaling and respiration. He will take advantage of multiple tools including biochemical…

2018.09.04 | DudaKvitsiani

Dovile Saulenaite is new Intern in Kvitsiani Group

Initially Dovile Saulenaite will be part of a research project that aims to extend and characterize single fly decisions in probabilistic environments. Later Dovile will be focusing on aspects and possible sources of individuality in fruit fly foraging behavior. She will record foraging decisions of fruit flies for several days, to investigate how…

2018.09.04 | SadeghNabavi, AndersNykjær

Anne Regina Wienand is new shared Research Assistant in Nabavi and Nykjær lab

Anne Regina Wienand will help Mariam to optimize the conditions for the isolation of newly synthesized proteins from cells. This is an important step towards the identification of proteins required for m​emory formation. She would also be introduced to various methods in the Nabavi lab such as stereotaxic surgery and in vivo…

2018.09.03 | PoulNissen, Awards, People


Poul Nissen receives the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize for his groundbreaking work in structural biology. The prize was given by HRH the Crown Princess, Minister of Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers, and chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Flemming Besenbacher, as part of the annual banquet at the New Carlsberg Glyptotek on Sunday…

2018.08.30 | OlavAndersen, People

Julian Colmenarejo is new ERASMUS Intern i Andersen team.

Julian will be assisting Ph.D student Giulia Monti in her work trying to understand the role of novel SORL1 splicing variant in the human brain that is significantly decreased in Alzheimer disease using Inmunohistochemistry, PCR and other molecular biology tecniques.

2018.08.29 | AndersNykjær, People

Linda Rössler is new ERASMUS intern in Nykjær lab

Linda Rössler will be assisting Dr. Dongik Park in his work on the role of the Sortilin receptor in the regulation of emotion and memory using mouse behaviour analyses and primary neuronal culture.

2018.08.28 | Research news, AnnevonPhilipsborn, Knowledge exchange

The Philipsborn group contributes with a chapter in a new textbook “Insect behavior”

“Insect behavior” was published on August 16 by Oxford University Press. Anne Philipsborn has contributed with the chapter “Neurobiology of insect behavior”.

The male fruit fly uses his song to attract the female. Figure: Angela O'Sullivan.

2018.08.24 | Research news, AnnevonPhilipsborn, Knowledge exchange

New publication from Anne von Philipsborn's group in the international journal "Current Biology"

Studies of the song of the fruit flies reveal new findings of how the neurons in the brain function. These results can be used to uncover new knowledge on how brains in general function which in the longer term may have medical significance.

2018.08.23 | People , DudaKvitsiani, SadeghNabavi

João Lima is new Postdoc in Nabavi Group

João will investigate the plasticity rules that underlie attention-dependent forms of associative learning at the cellular and circuit levels, in mice. The project is multidisciplinary and will involve extracellular and intracellular recordings, calcium imaging, optogenetics, and behavioural training of animals. Furthermore than working in Nabavi…

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