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Majid Erfani Moghaddam is new postdoc in Nabavi group

2017.01.09 | People

Majid Erfani Moghaddam joined Sadegh Nabavi Laboratory for a one-year postdoc research on the interactions of disordered domains of the receptors involved in synapse plasticity. He is interested in the investigations on protein structure-function relationships through dynamical properties, mainly using NMR and simulations.

Philipsborns group welcomes postdoc Volker Berendes

2017.01.05 | People

Volker Berendes started on the 2nd of January. He is in DANDRITE for a one year postdoc period in Anne Von Philipsborns laboratory. Here he will study how the nervous system generates and controls behaviour.

Madeny Belkhiri has been prolonged for 1 year as postdoc in Kvitsiani Group

2016.12.16 | Awards

Madeny will work to uncover how brain builds abstract, nonlinear representations and how those representations drive behaviour. To achieve this objective, the research aims to extract principles behind circuit level cortical computations by monitoring activity of genetically identified cell-types in mice solving auditory non-linear classification…

Novo Nordisk Foundation grant to Sadegh Nabavi

2016.12.16 | Awards

Sadegh Nabavi has received a grant of DKK 700.000 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The grant is to support the project "Mapping the Neural Circuit for an Innate Fear Behavior".

Poul Nissen received the Order of Dannebrog

2016.12.13 | Awards

At an audience Monday the 12th of December, Professor Poul Nissen had the opportunity to thank the queen for receiving the order of Dannebrog. The audience was held at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen. The order was given by her Majesty the Queen of Denmark earlier this year.

Upcoming Events

Thu 26 Jan
11:00-12:00 | Aarhus University, Building 1170, room 347 (aud. 6)
Topical Seminar with Rune Berg
Topical Seminar about the neuronal population activity involved in motor patterns of the spinal cord: spiking regimes and skewed involvement. The speaker is Rune Berg from the department of neuroscience and pharmacology, University of Copenhagen.
Tue 07 Feb
12:30-18:00 | AIAS auditorium, building 1632, Aarhus University
DANDRITE Encounters 2017
Looking for neuroscience bachelor or master projects? Get inspiration for student projects in DANDRITE’s research groups. Looking for new collaborators? Get insights on opportunities for research & translational collaborations.
Sat 11 Feb
11:00-16:00 | Aarhus, Denmark
Women in Science Day
Hear women scientists talk about a wide varierty of subjects from numerous fields of science to celebrate the UN's International Day of Women in Science and recognise research pursued by women to better Aarhus, Denmark, and the world.
Mon 06 Mar
08:50-22:00 | Groningen, The Netherlands
EMBO Conference “Towards novel therapies: Emerging insights from structural and molecular biology”
Tue 07 Mar
09:00-22:00 | Groningen, The Netherlands
EMBO Conference “Towards novel therapies: Emerging insights from structural and molecular biology”
Wed 08 Mar
09:00-14:00 | Groningen, The Netherlands
EMBO Conference “Towards novel therapies: Emerging insights from structural and molecular biology”
Tue 25 Apr
10:15-11:00 | In the AIAS Auditorium, building 1632, 2nd floor, Høegh-Guldbergs gade, 8000 Aarhus C
Lecture on structure and function of neural circuits (title to be announced) by Botond Roska, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI), Basel, Switzerland. Hosted by DANDRITE Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara.
Tue 02 May
09:00-15:00 | Aarhus University
Neuroscience Day 2017
On May 2, NeuroCampus Aarhus will host ”Neuroscience Day 2017”. The event will place in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres, bldg. 1250, Aarhus University, and is open to all pre- and post-graduate students, postdocs, assistant and associate professors, professors, clinicians, caregivers, foundations and organizations interested in neuroscience.
Mon 15 May
10:15-11:00 |
Lecture on regulation of energy and glucose metabolism in connection with age-associated and neurodegenerative diseases (title to be announced) by Jens C. Brüning, Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, Germany. Hosted by ”Young DANDRITE”, DANDRITE’s PhD & postdoc association.
Wed 07 Jun
09:00-17:00 | Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2nd Nordic Neuroscience
Nordic Neuroscience 2017 is the meeting for all neuroscientists in the Nordic and Baltic states. The objectives are to facilitate interactions between neighboring countries and establish networks for future collaborations. The overarching aim is to achieve a greater knowledge of the neuroscience carried out in this part of the world.

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