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ERC Starting Grant for Research in
Memory Formation and Consolidation


Two prestigious grants awarded to postdoc Ana Oliveira

2015.11.26 | Research news

Postdoc Ana Oliveira from Keisuke Yonehara's group has been awarded both a MOBILEX mobility grant from the Danich Council for Independent Research, and a Lundbeck Foundation Postdoc Fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation, which will fund her research for 2+1 years on "Dissecting neuronal circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors".

Sadegh Nabavi has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants. (Photo: DANDRITE)
Figure 1. Sadegh Nabavi will use optogenetics to modify memory strength at the synaptic level to study why only some synapses, and hence memories, become permanent (Figure: Sadegh Nabavi)
Figure 2. a) Fear conditioning with optogenetics. Diagram of rat’s fear memory circuit receiving optogenetically driven input stimulation (laser) paired with a shock (left). Animal is tested one day later (right) by optical activation of the input (blue). Time plot shows normalized number of lever presses (1 min bins) to a previously learned cued lever-press task. b) LTD inactivates memory. In vivo field response in lateral amygdala to single optical stimulus (left) before and after LTD induction (1Hz). Animal is tested one day later (right). c) LTP reactivates memory. Same as b) except animal receives an LTP protocol (100Hz). (Figure: Sadegh Nabavi, published in Nature (Nabavi et al., 2014))

ERC Starting Grant for research in memory formation and consolidation

2015.11.19 | Awards

DANDRITE Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi is awarded an ERC Starting Grant of EUR 1.5 million for research into memory formation to answer the fundamental questions on why some memories last and some are soon lost.

Job opportunity at DANDRITE

2015.11.18 | News from the management

PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in Neuroplasticity and Memory. In this call DANDRITE seeks highly motivated and ambitious PhD and postdoc candidates to investigate the cellular mechanisms of memory consolidation, including the role of neuromodulators, in rodents (WT and transgenics), in Group Leader Sadegh Nabavi's group. Application deadline…

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Thu 10 Dec
15:00-17:30 | Biomedicine lunch room, building 1171, Aarhus University, Ole Worm's Allé, Aarhus
Christmas get-together
Similar to last year, DANDRITE invites you all for “æbleskiver and glögg” (Danish dounuts and glögg, a Scandinavian Christmas punch) and Christmas decoration fabrication on Thursday 10th December 2015 from 15:00 in the Biomedicine lunch room (building 1170). Everyone affiliated DANDRITE, and our colleges in building 1170-1171 & 1182, are most welcome! Please also feel free to bring your kids!
Tue 19 Jan
14:00-16:30 | To be announced
Start-up meeting for PhD and postdoc association at DANDRITE
All PhD students and postdocs affiliated DANDRITE are invited for the start-up meeting for the PhD and PostDoc association at DANDRITE with an invited speaker and a small workshop on the 19th of January from 2 pm. More information follows after the Christmas Holidays. Please mark your calendars!
Fri 29 Jan
17:00-23:00 | Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics (building 3140)
DANDRITE New Year’s Banquet
DANDRITE would like to celebrate the start of the new year with staff & students, and therefore invites you all to DANDRITE's New Year's Banquet on 29 January 2016 from 17:00 (- late) in the canteen area at Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics (building 3140). Everybody is encouraged to bring a dish for the buffet, which you yourself love and/or from your home country. A proper invitation will follow soon, but for now please mark your calendars.
Tue 09 Feb
14:00-16:30 | To be announced
Annual Symposium "DANDRITE encounters 2016"
At the symposium "DANDRITE encounters 2016" the group leaders at DANDRITE will present their research groups and their activities in neuroscience at Aarhus University, including the expertise of their groups, where their research is directed, and the translational goals of their research. The target audience is other interested scientists, the research community in general, and future students/staff. The symposium takes place Tuesday 9 February 2016 from 14:00-16:30 followed by an informal reception. Everyone interested is most welcome to attend this symposium and reception.
Thu 02 Jun
09:00-16:00 | Copenhagen, Denmark
10th FENS – Forum of Neuroscience
Hosted by the Danish Society for Neuroscience
Mon 06 Jun
09:00-16:00 | EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
EMBL Partnership Conference “Perspectives in Translational Medicine”
EMBL Partnership Conference will take place 6-8 June 2016 at EMBL Heidelberg in Germany. Please mark your calendars, more information will follow in early spring. The registration is open and free of charge. The registration is open only to participants coming from EMBL and its partner institutes. Note that next year’s Annual Meeting for the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine will be combined with this EMBL Partnership Conference.

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