Internal meetings

DANDRITE Internal Meetings takes place every second Thursday from 9-10 am, where all staff and students at DANDRITE meet to give each other updates on the research done at DANDRITE in order to facilitate interaction and collaborations among the groups.

At each meeting 2-3 persons present their research. All attendees can use the meetings to ask for advice on specific research questions and new ideas, since there is time for general messages and for everybody to ask questions after the research presentations.

Bread and coffee will be served at the meetings from 8:45, and everyone is welcome to come and have breakfast already from then. Please feel free to consume your bread and coffee during the meeting as well.

Guidelines for presentations

Each speaker should give a (PhD Students max 10 min. and Postdocs max 15 min. presentation), followed by 5 min. for questions.

Please state very clearly what you are working with, aims and, if appropriate, your working hypothesis in the beginning of your presentation. The style of the presentation should be similar to at a meeting (clear intro, hypothesis, aims, methods, results, discussion). Also feel free to use this as an opportunity to get feedback on new ideas, input for problem solving, show details of recent progress, etc. If you are new or just started a new project talk about project plans. If you are writing, then use the possibility to get feed-back on thoughts, discussion, structure, setup etc.

Make sure to clearly state take home messages, and emphasize your expertise in methods and know how.

The last slide of the presentation should include future research directions for the coming six months. The slide can also include questions to the audience. Examples of questions can be to ask for help or input on the development of a new method, how to design an experiment for a specific problem, or what can be deduced from puzzling results.At the conclusion of the meeting all speakers are asked to meet for 5 minutes with group leaders and team leaders, who will provide feedback on the presentation - what worked well, and what could be changed. This is by no means an exam, but merely an aid for presentation skills.

After the meeting GL provide feedback to speakers. GL & speakers meet 5 minutes for feedback on the presentation: - what worked well, and what could be changed. This is by no means an exam, but merely an aid for presentation skills.

If unable to present: Planned speakers are not allowed to cancel, but are themselves responsible to swap with another from their group, if needed. Last minute cancellations has to be informed to your Group Leader.
Send your presentation: Please send your presentation to the communication assistant prior to the meeting, or bring the presentation on a USB stick, or on your own computer to present from.
To-do for the audience: Make sure to ask questions to the speakers, as questions are a very important spark for further discussions and maybe new ideas.