Magnus Kjærgaard

Synaptic plasticity and intra-cellular signaling complexes in memory formation

Magnus Kjærgaard is Team Leader at DANDRITE and AIAS Cofund Junior Fellow at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

The Kjærgaard group studies the role of proteins in the post-synaptic density in memory and learning. We would like to explain how synaptic activity changes the properties and abundance of synaptic proteins and how newly synthesized proteins know which synapses to get trafficked to. We are particularly interest in a the intrinsically disordered intra-cellular domain of glutamate receptors and their interactions with scaffolding proteins in the synaptic spine. Recently, we have also begun exploring liquid-liquid phase separation in the post-synaptic density, and how the physical association of biomolecules affects signalling pathways. Our technical expertise is mainly centered on protein dynamics, which we characterize with single molecule fluorescence techniques and NMR spectroscopy.


Magnus Kjærgaard is the recipient of the Villum Fonden's Young Investigator Programme 2016 grant of 5 million DKK.


Cover photo by Mateusz Dyla

2018.12.07 | Research news

Magnus Kjærgaard and Mateusz Dyla is featured in this month’s issue of the magazine “Dansk Kemi” (Danish Chemistry)

The title of the article is ”Naturens nanopumper fanget på film” and decribes the findings of last year’s publication: ‘Dynamics of P-type ATPase transport revealed by single-molecule FRET’ that was published on 8 November 2017 in Nature.

2018.06.21 | People

Inga Sass is new Master Student in Kjærgaard's team

Inga Saß is a new Master student in Magnus Kjaergaard’s group as of 4 June and for the following 8 months. Inga joins us from the University of Lübeck, Germany, and will focus on two subunits of glutamate receptors crucial for synaptic communication and memory formation. The aim is to study lipid interactions and structural dynamics of the…

2018.04.10 | Awards

Agnieszka Jendroszek receives poster prize at the Antibody Biology and Engineering Gordon Research Conference

The key element of the poster was 3D printed antibody and antigen that explains the theory behind the project, which is made in collaboration with Team leader Magnus Kjærgaard. The title of the project is: Antibody engineering facilitated by avidity. The long term goal is to develop a predictive…

2018.04.03 | Research news

Official Inauguration of PROMEMO on 4 April 2018

The official inauguration of PROMEMO - Center for Proteins in Memory - a Danish National Research Foundation Center of Excellence will take place on 4 April 2018. The research center PROMEMO started on 1 December 2017 and aims to identify and understand the function of memory associated proteins that determines the persistence of a memory.

2018.03.05 | PoulNissen

New laboratory technician at DANDRITE

Tanja Klymchuk is now affiliated as shared laboratory technician at DANDRITE, sharing her time between the group's of Poul Nissen, Hanne Poulsen, Magnus Kjærgaard, Thomas Boesen, and Assoc. prof. Bjørn Pedersen at the Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics. Tanja will, together with technician Anna Marie Nielsen, take over some of the duties and…

2018.01.17 | Awards

Sara Basse receives a PhD Fellowship from the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds

The stipend will continue Sara's PhD studies with Magnus Kjærgaard and Poul Nissen. She will investigate the structural and mechanistic basis of unidirectional calcium transport through direct visualization by single-molecule FRET and FRET-guided crystallization of key intermediates, and she will establish techniques for…

(Photo: Mateusz Dyla)

2017.11.09 | PoulNissen

Poul Nissen, Mateusz Dyla and Magnus Kjærgaard publish article in the leading journal Nature

The article ‘Dynamics of P-type ATPase transport revealed by single-molecule FRET’ was published yesterday on 8 November 2017. Our cells are capable of moving energy and material around to the places where they are required, and ensuring that the body works properly. But how do the cells do this in real time from the perspective of the…

2017.09.13 | People

Iker Rivas González is new ERASMUS student on Kjærgaard Team

Iker is new ERASMUS student on Magnus Kjærgaard's team from August 28th. He's project will primarily involve the study of the mechanism of CaMKII regulation in the interaction between PSD-95 and the NMDA receptor phosphorylation. The work will be based on structural characterization and affinity measurements of the complex between PSD-95 and…

2017.09.05 | People

Agnieszka Jendroszek is new postdoc on Kjærgaard Team

Agnieszka is new postdoc on Magnus Kjærgaard’s team from September 1st. She will investigate bivalent interactions between antibody and its target using surface plasmon resonance technique. By changing the structure of the target as well as the affinity of the monovalent interactions she aims to determine how these…

2017.09.01 | People

Sara Basse is now PhD student on Kjærgaard Team

Sara is new PhD student on Magnus Kjærgaard's team from September 1st. She will investigate the mechanism that allows P-type ATPases to predominantly run in one direction through direct visualization by single molecule FRET spectroscopy and FRET-guided crystallization of a Ca2+-ATPase from Listeria monocytogenes, LMCA1.

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