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2017.09.20 | News from the management

New Speaker announced for the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Professor Bernt Eric Uhlin, Director of MIMS, will replace Professor Kjetil Taskén, Director of NCMM

2017.09.14 | People , AnnevonPhilipsborn

Machteld Verzijden is new postdoc in Philipsborn Group

Machteld Verzijden is new postdoc in Anne von Philipsborn's group from September 15th. She will be investigating the neurological mechanism of how sugar consumption affects male mating success in Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies.  

2017.09.13 | People , MagnusKjærgaard

Iker Rivas González is new ERASMUS student on Kjærgaard Team

Iker is new ERASMUS student on Magnus Kjærgaard's team from August 28th. He's project will primarily involve the study of the mechanism of CaMKII regulation in the interaction between PSD-95 and the NMDA receptor phosphorylation. The work will be based on structural characterization and affinity measurements of the complex between PSD-95 and…

2017.09.13 | People , MarkDenham

Michaela Orlová is new ERASMUS student in Denham Group

Michaela is new ERASMUS student in Mark Denham’s group from September 4th. She will be working with Parkinson’s diseased iPSC derived neurons. Specifically she will be characterising the familial PD lines that carry a GBA1 heterozygous mutation and measuring the activity of Glucocerebrosidase in the pluripotent stem cells and their neuronal…

2017.09.05 | Research news, AndersNykjær, ArneMöller

New publiction by team leader Arne Möller and colleagues

The title of the paper is: Hidden Twins: SorCS Neuroreceptors Form Stable Dimers

2017.09.05 | People , MagnusKjærgaard

Agnieszka Jendroszek is new postdoc on Kjærgaard Team

Agnieszka is new postdoc on Magnus Kjærgaard’s team from September 1st. She will investigate bivalent interactions between antibody and its target using surface plasmon resonance technique. By changing the structure of the target as well as the affinity of the monovalent interactions she aims to determine how these…

2017.09.01 | People , PoulNissen

Samuel Hjorth-Jensen is new PhD student in Nissen Group

Samuel is a new PhD student in Poul Nissen’s group, starting as of September 1st. He will be studying proton pumping in the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase (SERCA) using neutron diffraction techniques. The project aims to determine the mechanism of proton countertransport in SERCA by mapping the distribution of hydrogens along a…

2017.09.01 | People , MagnusKjærgaard

Sara Basse is now PhD student on Kjærgaard Team

Sara is new PhD student on Magnus Kjærgaard's team from September 1st. She will investigate the mechanism that allows P-type ATPases to predominantly run in one direction through direct visualization by single molecule FRET spectroscopy and FRET-guided crystallization of a Ca2+-ATPase from Listeria monocytogenes, LMCA1.

2017.08.29 | People , DudaKvitsiani

Eske Hoy Nielsen is new student assistant in Kvitsiani Group

Eske is new student assistant in Duda's group from August 14th. He will participate in building the behavioral set up for head-fixed mice. He will automate behavioral protocols to train and test animals on an effort based decision-making task. Eske will also participate in programming the computer game for humans that will test if humans follow…

2017.08.24 | People , PoulHenningJensen

Hjalte Gram is new masterstudent in Jensen Group

Hjalte is new masterstudent in Poul Henning Jensen's group from August 15th. He is going to study  gene expression related to the Calcium changes that are induced by intracellular alpha-synuclein aggregation. The aim is to characterise pathogenic pathways induced by aggretade alpha-synuclein.

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