2016.10.20 | Research news

New initiative will promote brain research in Denmark

Five of Denmark’s leading researchers on structural biology will collaborate on a project to gain insight into the brain’s functions and diseases. The initiative is called BRAINSTRUC and funded by Lundbeckfonden with up to DKK 60 million over a five-year period.

2016.10.17 | People

New Communications Assistant at DANDRITE

Emilie Aagaard started on 17 October 2016 as Communications Assistant and PA for Professor and Director of DANDRITE Poul Nissen. Emilie is replacing Karen Bech, while Karen is away on maternity leave per 1 November 2016. Emilie has a BA in molecular medicine and another in economics and business administration. Her master is in journalism. She has…

2016.10.11 | People

New AIAS fellow affiliated DANDRITE

AIAS fellow Michael Clausen is now affiliated Poul Nissens's group. During his AIAS-COFUND fellowship Assistant Professor Michael Jakob Clausen will be working on the project "How do we sense touch, sound, balance and force?".

2016.10.10 | People

New student assistant at DANDRITE

Kathrine Hennings started as a student assistant at the DANDRITE administration per 10 October 2016. Kathrine will be assisting the DANDRITE administration for a couple of days each week. She is a Danish student at Aarhus University, where she is studying International Business Communication in English and European Studies on her third year.…

2016.10.10 | Research news

Video of DANDRITE Lecture by Dr. James L. McGaugh on “Emotional Arousal and Lasting Memories”

On 14. September 2016, Dr. James L. McGaugh gave the lecture on “Emotional Arousal and Lasting Memories”, hosted by The Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience – DANDRITE, at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Aarhus University.

2016.10.10 | Awards

Joseph Lyons receives EMBO Short-term Fellowship

Postdoc Joseph Lyons in Poul Nissen's research group has received an EMBO Short-term Fellowship to faciliatate collaboration with Arne Möller, DANDRITE Affiliated Researcher and Group Leader at the Department for Structural Biology, Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt. Joseph Lyons will be visiting Arne's research group in Frankfurt two…

2016.10.06 | Awards, People

Velux Fonden grant awarded to postdoc Szilard Sajgo

Postdoc Szilard Sajgo from Keisuke Yonehara's group has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Velux Fonden for the 3 year postdoc project entitled "An investigation of the roles of genes associated with congenital nystagmus in retinal circuit assembly”.

2016.10.03 | Awards, KeisukeYonehara

Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara received Swiss OphthAward

Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara, together with Michele Fiscella and Antonia Drinnenberg, received Swiss OphthAward in the category "Best Experimental Work" for his outstanding publication "Congenital Nystagmus Gene FRMD7 Is Necessary for Establishing a Neuronal Circuit Asymmetry for Direction Selectivity".

2016.10.03 | People

New intern at DANDRITE

Jiasheng Dylan Yuan is visiting Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn's group for 3 months per 1 October 2016. He will be studying the role of different cell-types, circuits, and genes in female fruit fly Drosophila reproductive behavior.

2016.09.27 | News from the management

Joint call for postdoctoral researchers in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine is dedicated to excellence in molecular medicine and life science research that investigates the molecular basis of disease and explores molecular and genetic based treatments. The Nordic EMBL Partnership is now seeking outstanding international candidates for postdoctoral researcher positions.…

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