2017.07.13 | People

Monica Dahlstrup Sietam is new Research Assistant in Yonehara Group

Monica is new Research Assistant in Keisuke Yonehara's group per July 1st. She will study the role of Cre-labeled ganglion cell types in vision-dependent behaviors and central computations using molecular biological, genome engineering, behavioral and electrophysiological approaches.

2017.07.10 | People

Lasse Østerhaab Sell is Student Assistant in Philipsborn Group

Lasse is new Student Assistant in Anne von Philipsborn's group per July 1st. Duties of the student job include preparation of Drosophila food, autoclaving Drosophila waste and help with maintenance of Drosophila stock.

2017.07.04 | Research news

The Carlsberg Foundation has just announced their new call

Deadline: 1 october 2017 at 4.00 pm. Please note that Carlsberg Fundation among others offer a Research Infrastructure grant, supporting the procurement of research infrastructure.

2017.07.04 | Research news, SadeghNabavi

Sadegh Nabavi, Niels Andersen and Nathalie Krauth publish a review article in Current Opinion in Neurobiology

The title of the review is: Hebbian plasticity in vivo: relevance and induction.

2017.06.28 | News from the management

EMBL Council selects next Director General

At its 53rd meeting yesterday, EMBL Council selected Edith Heard as the organisation’s fifth Director General. Heard’s mandate is scheduled to begin 1 January 2019.

2017.06.01 | People

Andrea Moreno is new Postdoc in Nabavi Group

Andrea will work in the establishment of an in vivo electrophysiological recording and stimulation setup, which will be used in the lab to bridge molecular, in vitro electrophysiology, and behavioural data together. She is interested in the mechanisms governing learning and memory, especially from a integrative systems…

2017.06.01 | People

Michael Habeck is new Postdoc in Nissen Group

Michael is interested in structural studies of Na,K-ATPase isoforms and mutations causing neurological diseases.

2017.06.01 | Awards, AndersNykjær

Prof. Anders Nykjær receives DKK 250.000 from Foundation for Research in Neurology

Anders Nykjær receives DKK 250.000 for the project "Functional characterization of the multiple sclerosis risk gene SORCS3: a novel drug target".

2017.05.23 | News from the management

DANDRITE's annual report 2016

It is our great pleasure to present the Annual Report 2016 from DANDRITE. The Annual Report 2016 covers our 4th year of operation of DANDRITE. With the recent news of our prolongation for a second five-year period until 2023, we are pleased to be looking ahead as well on a long-term commitment to establish original, new research. The Annual…

2017.05.17 | Research news, SadeghNabavi

Marco Capogna and Sadegh Nabavi publish a paper in the prestigious journal Neuron edited by Cell Press, 17 May 2017

The title of the paper is: “Synaptic plasticity and network oscillations in amygdala circuits for storage and retrieval of emotional memories”.

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