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Keisuke Yonehara's lab

Lab background:

We seek to address the following questions:

·        How are sensory inputs processed by visual circuits?

·        What is the function of individual cell types in computation and behaviour?

·        What are the genetic and activity-dependent mechanisms of circuit development?

We address these questions mainly by focusing on visual circuits across retina, superior colliculus, thalamus and visual cortex. The logic of our research plan is to first identify a computation performed by a given neuronal circuit comprising distinct cell types in the adult brain. Second, to investigate how the computation is performed by linking the activity and synaptic connectivity of individual cell types in the circuit to the computation that the circuit achieves. Third, to examine the role of individual cell types in transforming the sensory input into output behavior. Finally, to study the genetic mechanisms by which the elementary circuit motifs are assembled, and how its dysfunction can lead to disease.

Available projects:

Available master project:

Optical recording of neuronal activity in freely moving mice during visual tasks

In this project the student will assemble a head-mount miniscope. With this miniscope the student will optically record neuronal activity in freely moving mice during different visually-guided behaviors to understand neuronal coding of sensorimotor transformation.


In vivo 2-photon functional imaging, electrophysiology, optogenetics, trans-synaptic viral tracing, behavioral analysis, molecular biology, genomics, and mouse genetics

The successful applicant is:

Hard working, team working, curiosity driven, ambitious, analytical, good at programming

Please contact Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara directly, if interested.