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Available positions in Sadegh Nabavi's lab 

Sadegh Nabavi's lab

Example of a current/available student project(s)

(For bachelor/master students):

Investigating the cellular mechanism of forgetting: Does synaptic potentiation recover memory loss?

This project is based on the broader frame of an experimental line in the lab about forgetting and the cellular and synaptic mechanisms underlying it; in this project we aim to explain what occurs at the synaptic level when a memory is forgotten, and how can this process be manipulated. The student will aim to describe whether the induction of synaptic potentiation can recover a forgotten memory. This project involves behaviour, electrophysiology and optogenetics in the freely moving animal.

Lab background:

The Nabavi group is working with memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels. The group focusses on how plasticity at the synaptic and circuit levels in the brain relates to behavioral plasticity (learning and memory formation) and how the newly formed memories are integrated into the existing network (cellular and systems consolidation) using rodents as model organism.


-        In vivo electrophysiology

-        Optogenetics

-        Behaviour

-        Microsurgery


The successful applicant is:

Very motivated student with passion for science, who is willing to commit to the requirements of behavioural research.

Can work in a team and communicate to others, but also be independent.

Doesn’t necessarily need any experience in the described techniques, only the will of learning, patience, and perseverance.