Study opportunities

Duda Kvitsiani's lab

Lab background:

Overarching topic of the research in the lab is understanding neural mechanisms of decisions. We work on fruit flies and mice. In fruit flies we try to understand molecular basis for foraging decisions, in mice we seek to uncover neural mechanisms of value based choice.

Available projects:

Foraging decisions in animals and humans.

Available project for master students involve studies of neural mechanisms of mouse foraging decisions in probabilistic environments. Special focus will be on training and electrophysiological recording of neurons in behaving animals.

In the lab we pursue very diverse topics ranging from fruit fly behavioral genetics to developing holographic light stimulation tools via multimode optical fibers. So whether you are a technical geek or wet lab person we will have something for you.  


We use methods like electrophysiology, optogenetics, behavioral studies and computer modelling.

The successful applicant is:

One who wants to explore new and exciting frontiers in neuroscience and is not afraid of facing challenges in experimental work. Computer programming skills are plus.

Please contact Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani directly, if interested.