Study opportunities

Christian Vægter's lab

Lab background:

Besides the PI, our lab has 3 senior postdocs, 2 PhD students, 1 Master’s students, and one lab technician. We prioritize a relaxed atmosphere, are driven by curiosity and encourage collaborations and helping each other.

As a student in our lab you will have a senior daily supervisor (lab supervisor) in addition to the PI. We have weekly lab lunch, lab meetings every second week.

Available projects:

Glia cells and their regulation of neuronal functions in health and disease.

Disease or injury of peripheral nerves activates glia cells in the PNS as well as spinal cord, affecting glia-neuron communication and ultimately neuronal function. We have several ongoing studies with mouse models (nerve injury or diabetes) where we investigate molecular, cellular and behavioral aspects of glia and neuron biology in health and disease.


Most classical methods, from molecule to mouse, are applied in our projects. These include working with genes/mRNA and proteins, flow cytometry, isolation and culturing of neurons and glia from mouse/rat tissue, functional assays in cell cultures, confocal microscopy, microsurgery, sensory tests of mice and many others. Methods are established in our group or at collaborators.

The successful applicant is:

Curious. Motivated to learn. Easy-going. Responsible. Contributes to nice working environment.

Please contact Christian Vægter directly, if interested.