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Teaching session: Research and Intellectual Property Protection

A two hours interactive teaching session by Patent attorney Susanne Høiberg.

2018.02.21 | Maria Thykær Jensen

Date Tue 06 Mar
Time 14:00 16:00
Location Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicin, 1231-114 Kollokvierum
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The Session will cover:

  • What is a patent? An overview of the patent application process.
  • How long does it take to get a patent application granted?
  • When are you going to patent?
  • Can you both patent and publish? How to secure your research/invention before disclosure.
  • When are you an inventor? Inventor versus co-author?
  • Can you use a technology that others organizations have patented in your own research, i.e. CRISPR/Cas9
  • Complex Prior art /Freedom to Operate – impact on commercial strategy.


Susanne Høiberg is a medical doctor and European patent attorney. Since 1991, Susanne has been working on all aspects of patents, especially in the field of life science and medicine technology in the company Høiberg. In addition to conducting litigation on behalf of her clients, Susanne also acts as a judge and judge in patent cases and is an expert judge at the Maritime and Commercial Court and Vestre Landsret. In addition, Susanne has written a large number of articles about IPR as well as author of articles for Danish Intellectual Property Law, 2015.


HØIBERG was founded by Susanne in 1995, and today she is a member of HØIBERG’s board of directors. 

More information/Event description: https://open-entrepreneurship.com/teaching-session-research-intellectual-property-protection/