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Symposium at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) - Building Bridges: Personalized Health and Genomics in Clinical and Translational Research

You are warmly welcomed to participate in the third Building Bridges symposium providing an exciting team-oriented look into personalized health and genomics. The Building Bridge series is aimed to highlight team efforts among clinicians and biomedical researchers working together towards a better understanding of the pathophysiology of disease and improved options for patient treatment and care.

2014.10.03 | Karen Bech

Date Thu 20 Nov
Time 08:30 19:00
Location Auditorio, Allergiatalo Congress Center, Paciuksenkatu 19, 00270 Helsinki

The 3rd Building Bridges symposium will highlight how genomics is used to improve our understanding of health and disease.  We set the stage by learning about the current status and goals of genomics utility in the clinics in Europe and Finland.  Then, with team talks from clinical and translational researchers, we explore personalized genomics and public health in the areas of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The symposium closes with a provocative look at where we go from here with presentations on the public funding strategies, business landscape, and healthcare practices around personalized medicine.  All participants and speakers are invited to the closing and networking opportunity.

The full program and the link to the registration form will be available in early October.  The symposium is open to the entire scientific community, and students will have the opportunity to earn credits as follows:
0,5 ECTS credits - for attendance at the symposium
1,5 ECTS credits – optional; for completion of the advance readings provided for each team talk and the follow-up exam questions provided by each team.

We warmly welcome you to join on November 20th!

The Organizing Team from The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (DPBM) and Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (KLTO) at the University of Helsinki (contact:  firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi):

Päivi Östling


Pirkko Mattila


Gretchen Repasky


Emmi Tikkanen


Nina Blom


Jaakko Leinonen


Johanna Timmerbacka


Poojitha Ojamies


Mari Kaunisto


Samuli Ripatti


Tero Aittokallio


Krister Wennerberg



Regarding accommodation in Helsinki:
Gretchen Repasky offers to advice on accommodation in Helsinki, so feel free to contact her if needed.

See full program here