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Non-coding RNAs in nervous system development, plasticity and disease meeting

Organized by the German DFG-funded Priority Program SPP1738, this meeting will bring together leading scientists working on all aspects of non-coding RNA biology in the nervous system. Major topics will include long non-coding RNAs, circular RNAs, and microRNAs in the context of embryonic and adult neurogenesis, neural circuit development and plasticity, behavior as well as neurological and psychiatric disorders.

2016.11.15 | Emilie Marie Niebuhr Aagaard

Date Wed 21 Jun Sat 24 Jun
Time 10:00    18:00
Location Vila Vita Rosenpark Hotel, Marburg, Germany
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• Abstract Deadline: 15th March 2017
• Registration Deadline: 30th April 2017      
G. Bassell (Altlanta), E. Bertrand (Montpellier), A. Chen (Munich), D. Tonelli (Genova), E. Hornstein (Tel Aviv), J. Kjems (Aarhus), K. Kosik (Sta Barbara), E. Lai (New York), D. Lim (San Francisco), I. Mansuy (Zurich), N. Rajewsky (Berlin), T. Rana (San Diego), A. Schaefer (New York), P. Scheiffele (Basel), H. Soreq (Jerusalem), V. Taylor (Basel), J. Ule (London)