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MBG Project Day May 2016

At the request of the Management Group, MBG will host two Project Days every year to take into account that molecular medicine students and molecular biology students decide which research group to join at different times of the year. It will be possible to present the groups individually but posters can also be a coordinated presentation of a section. PowerPoint template for posters can be found through the link below: mbg.au.dk/portal-for-mbg-studerende/kandidat/specialeprojekter/ Binding undertaking for participation in the arrangement is to be given to Sofie Gravesen no later than May 17th 2016 at sofie.gravesen@mbg.au.dk

2016.05.09 | Eeva-Liisa Røssell Johansen

Date Mon 30 May
Time 16:00 15:30
Location The old canteen, Pavilion 1, building 3140