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Internal Meeting 28 February 2019

DANDRITE Internal Meetings takes place every second Thursday from 9-10 am, where all staff and students at DANDRITE meet to give each other updates on the research done at DANDRITE in order to facilitate interaction and collaborations among the groups. The Internal Meeting is followed by Labbook Crash Course for staff and students at DANDRITE from 10-11 am.

2018.12.03 | Magnus Antonio Salcedo Jakobsen

Date Thu 28 Feb
Time 09:00 10:00
Location Building 1231, 424 (Lille Anatomisk Aud. /The small Anatomy Aud.)


Mariam Gameleldin (Nabavi Group)

Juliane Martin (Kvitsiani Group)

Chair: Andrea Moreno (Nabavi Group)


This Internal Meeting is followed by Labbook Crash Course for staff and students at DANDRITE from 10-11am.