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2017.08.29 | People , DudaKvitsiani

Eske Hoy Nielsen is new student assistant in Kvitsiani Group

Eske is new student assistant in Duda's group from August 14th. He will participate in building the behavioral set up for head-fixed mice. He will automate behavioral protocols to train and test animals on an effort based decision-making task. Eske will also participate in programming the computer game for humans that will test if humans follow…

2017.08.24 | People , PoulHenningJensen

Hjalte Gram is new masterstudent in Jensen Group

Hjalte is new masterstudent in Poul Henning Jensen's group from August 15th. He is going to study  gene expression related to the Calcium changes that are induced by intracellular alpha-synuclein aggregation. The aim is to characterise pathogenic pathways induced by aggretade alpha-synuclein.

2017.08.23 | People , MarkDenham

Emilía Sif Ásgrímsdóttir is new trainee in Denham Group

Emilía is new trainee in Mark Denham's group from August 17th. She will work with post-translational modifications of alpha-synuclein in human iPSCs derived neurons.

2017.08.23 | People , MarkDenham

Muyesier Maimaitili is new PhD student in Denham Group

Muyesier is new PhD student in Mark Denham's group from August 1st. She will be studying various familial forms of Parkinson’s disease using next generation sequencing analysis of pluripotent stem cell derived neurons. The project aims to understand the molecular mechanisms that are involved in the early disease states across the various familial…

2017.08.16 | Education news

Upcoming Danish courses for international staff at AU

Full Semester Course in Danish for international staff members of Aarhus University, as well as for their partners, who’d like to study Danish through an efficient learning process, guided by experienced teachers. Application deadline 10 September 2017. Read more here Crash Course in Danish is a beginner Crash Course in Danish that Lærdansk…

2017.08.11 | People , PoulNissen

Jeppe A. Nielsen is new PhD Student in Nissen lab

Jeppe is new PhD student in Nissen's group. About his PhD project Jeppe writes: "A model of the holo-insulin receptor (hIR) complex with insulin is “the holy grail” in the structural biology of insulin signaling. Atomic 3D models of hIR will provide insight into the determinants of insulin binding and recognition and depict the transmembrane…

Polo-like kinase 2 (PLK-2) phosphorylates an unknown target, which leads to regulation of α-synuclein mRNA by targeting exonal sequences in the gene encoding α-synuclein, SNCA. PLK-2, and other kinases, additionally phosphorylates α-synuclein, which might be involved in the misfolding of the protein and development of toxic protein species such as oligomers and fibrils.

2017.08.09 | Research news, PoulHenningJensen

Poul Henning Jensen's group publish finding of novel pathway regulating α-synuclein levels in brain

The title of the paper is: Polo-like kinase 2 modulates α-synuclein protein levels by regulating its mRNA production

2017.08.02 | People , PoulNissen

Jonathan Juhl is new PhD Student in Nissen group

Jonathan took his bachelor in nanoscience giving him a profound insight into visualization of nanosized  biomolecules. Elucidating the structure and dynamics of biomolecules have interested Jonathan for many years which is why he became interested in the developing field, cryo-EM. His research is…

2017.08.01 | People , AndersNykjær

Mikhail Paveliev is new Postdoc in Nykjær Group

Mikhail is new Postdoc in Anders Nykjær's group per August 1st. He will study effects of the sortilin family members on brain synapses. In particular, Mikhail will focus on synaptic structure and molecular content by using advanced microscopy methods. The project aims at understanding the sortilin-related molecular mechanisms in pathology and…