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2018.09.19 | Events, Knowledge exchange

New perspectives on Nordic research: Nordic EMBL Partnership Meeting 2018

NCMM hosted the 9th annual Nordic EMBL Partnership Meeting in the hills above Oslo. The annual Partnership meetings offer researchers an opportunity to come together for a programme of scientific discussion and networking.

2018.09.19 | PoulNissen, People

Mads Eskesen Christensen is new Master Student in Nissen Group

Mads Eskesen Christensen works on a project, which aims to establish protocols to reconstitute Na,K-ATPase in liposomes as well as lipid-protein nanoparticles for subsequent structural and functional studies by single molecule fluorescence and electron microscopy.

2018.09.19 | AnnevonPhilipsborn, People

Elisa Lund Birch is new Student in Philipsborn lab

In Philipsborn Laboratory Elisa Lund Birch will be working on courtship behaviour of fruit flies (Drosophila). She gets instructed in fly genetics, immunohistochemistry and microscopic analysis as well as the analysis of behaviour. The goal for her is to learn the techniques associated with Drosophila as model in…

2018.09.17 | PoulNissen

Line Marie Christiansen is new Research Assistant in Nissen Group

Line Marie Christiansen will work with the P-type ATPases, in particular the P4-ATPases also known as lipid flippases. The membrane-protein group is linked to several neurological diseases, although the connection is not well understood yet. Based on a structural and functional approach the project aims to help gain a better understanding of the…

2018.09.12 | Events, KeisukeYonehara

DANDRITE mini symposium; lectures by Cornelius Gross, Naoshige Uchida, Rune Berg and Keisuke Yonehara

On the 1'st of October DANDRITE will host a mini symposim and we are very excited to present the 4 speakers: Cornelius Gross, Group Leader, Senior Scientist, ERC Investigator and Deputy Head of Outstation Epigenetics & Neurobiology Unit, EMBL- Rome. Title of talk “Do microglia really eat synapses?" Naoshige Uchida,…

2018.09.10 | People , HannePoulsen

Oscar Sevillano Quispe joins Poulsen's team for a 3 month PhD screening grant.

Oscar Sevillano Quispe has joined the Hanne Poulsen team for 3 months with the PhD screening grant, and during his time here he will help with the characterization of the ATP1A3 subunit mutation that causes CAPOS, using electrophysiology methods in the frog oocyte expression system. At the same time, he will be cloning NMDA receptors inserting…

2018.09.05 | PoulHenningJensen

Hjalte Gram is new Research Assistant in Poul Henning Jensens' group

Hjalte Gram is employed in Poul-Henning Jensens group as research assistant per 1'st of august 2018. He will work on factors leading to pathological aggregation of a central protein in Parkinson’s disease, a-synuclein, using animal and cell studies.'

2018.09.04 | AndersNykjær

Peter Breining is new Postdoc in Nykjær Group

Peter Breining has started as postdoctoral researcher in Nykjaer Group the 1'st September 2018, where he in collaboration with Mads Kjølby will investigate the function of SorCS1 in metabolic disorders with a particular focus on how SorCS1 affects cellular signaling and respiration. He will take advantage of multiple tools including biochemical…

2018.09.04 | DudaKvitsiani

Dovile Saulenaite is new Intern in Kvitsiani Group

Initially Dovile Saulenaite will be part of a research project that aims to extend and characterize single fly decisions in probabilistic environments. Later Dovile will be focusing on aspects and possible sources of individuality in fruit fly foraging behavior. She will record foraging decisions of fruit flies for several days, to investigate how…

2018.09.04 | SadeghNabavi, AndersNykjær

Anne Regina Wienand is new shared Research Assistant in Nabavi and Nykjær lab

Anne Regina Wienand will help Mariam to optimize the conditions for the isolation of newly synthesized proteins from cells. This is an important step towards the identification of proteins required for m​emory formation. She would also be introduced to various methods in the Nabavi lab such as stereotaxic surgery and in vivo…

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Upcoming events

Fri 21 Sep
10:00-00:00 | Universitetsparken (Aarhus, Denmark)
Denmark's Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day
The Student Council and Aarhus University Sports (AUS) throws Denmark's Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day, which is a huge sports and party day for all students attending Aarhus University and other further and higher education in Aarhus.
Tue 25 Sep
10:00-11:00 | Aarhus University, building 1171, room 440 (Library)
DANDRITE Topical Seminar by Erica Ehrhardt, Postdoc from Janelia HHMI Research Campus and University of Cologne, Germany
Title of the seminar: The VNC project: generating a cell-type specific driver line library targeting ventral nerve cord of Drosophila melanogaster
Tue 25 Sep
12:00-13:00 | Aarhus University, building 1170, room 440
Promemo/DANDRTE Topical Seminar by Beatriz Alvarez Castelao
Beatriz Alvarez Castelao From Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt , will talk about neuronal proteostasis.
Thu 27 Sep
09:00-10:30 | Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170
Extended Internal meeting 27 September 2018
Thu 27 Sep
12:15-14:30 | Aarhus Universitet Auditorium Merete Barker (‘Søauditorierne’), building 1253, room 211, Bartholins Allé 3, Aarhus
SCANBUR & Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine, are pleased to invite you to our free-of-charge afternoon seminar: Subjects: Genetic Drift • The basis for genetic drift • Case studies demonstrating genetic drift and its effects on experimental results • Steps to ensure the long-term genetic and phenotypic stability of your mutant mice
Mon 01 Oct
09:15-11:50 | Aarhus University - Bartholin Auditorium I (building 1241, room 135)
DANDRITE Mini Symposium
Lectures by Professor Naoshige Uchida from Harvard University, Deputy Head at EMBL Rome Cornelius Gross, Associate Prof. at Copenhagen University Rune Berg and DANDRITE Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara
Tue 02 Oct
08:00-17:00 | Campusvej 55, 5230 (Odense, Denmark)
Danish Bioimaging Network meeting
Thu 04 Oct
09:00-10:00 | Aud. 6 (347), Building 1170
Internal meeting 4 October 2018
Fri 05 Oct
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, Auditorium B, Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard, Entrance G6, G206, 8200 Aarhus N
Medical Innovation Day 2018
Medical Innovation Day is an annual event, which brings together medical companies and students studying any discipline with relation to medicine, health and healthcare. The event has the double aim of introducing students from all participating faculties to real-life challenges from companies, while introducing companies to fresh new ideas from the scientific community.
Mon 08 Oct
08:30-17:00 | Victor Haderup Auditorium, Panum, building 20 ground floor, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 Copenhagen N.(Copenhagen, Denmark)
1st Annual CryoNet Symposium
CryoNet is a Nordic network in Cryo-electron microscopy that is funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation in Denmark and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in Sweden. CryoNet aims to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across national borders and one main goal is to help establish state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy as a strong pillar of Nordic life science research.

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