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Research groups at DANDRITE

Research Groups at DANDRITE

Research at DANDRITE is centered around unravelling the molecular mechanisms that explain physiological manifestations of cellular communication networks in brain circuits and nervous system, and how these are affected in neurological and psychiatric disorders.  

The 8 group leaders and their research groups at DANDRITE cover a broad range of neuroscience, including the following research areas:

Team leaders, Affiliated researchers, and DARE Investigators

Apart from the 8 Group leaders at DANDRITE, the 3 Team leaders, 11 Affiliated researchers, as well as current DARE Investigators are also affiliated DANDRITE and contribute to the broad range of neuroscience related expertise at DANDRITE.

Team leaders at DANDRITE:

Affiliated researchers at DANDRITE:

See list of current DARE Investigators here

See definition of Team Leader, Affiliated Researcher and DARE Investigator here

The research aims of DANDRITE

  • Establish the molecular basis of intra- and intercellular transport/signaling pathways that govern brain circuitries, with focus on molecular structure-function relationships, and on cellular, animal, and patient models of membrane-associated processes
  • Establish and understand the molecular and cellular networks that form a hierarchical basis of complex patterns and control of signal processing in brain
  • Identify and understand the molecular basis of altered processes in neurological and psychiatric disease (e.g. dementia and depression), trauma, and stress
  • Identify and validate novel targets for translational research in health and disease of the nervous system/brain
  • Identify and validate novel therapies and practices leading to molecular intervention in disease