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Study opportunities

Anne von Philipsborn's lab

Examples of a current/available student projects

Student’s projects can be either independent or in collaboration with PhD/postdocs in the lab. You will receive training in most of the methods used in the lab and are encouraged to follow you own ideas after an introduction to our research field. Projects can for example address the following questions:

Which neurons are involved in generating the courtship song of male flies?

How do female flies evaluate acoustic signals during mate choice?

How do female flies respond to signaling molecules in male seminal fluid?

Drosophila models of human Parkinson’s disease pathology (collaboration with Poul Henning Jensen)

Reward signaling and decision making in optogenetic assays (collaboration with Duda Kvitsiani)


We use Drosophila genetics, molecular biology, behavioural experiments (courtship assays, video and audio recordings, optogenetics and other manipulations of the nervous system), dissection of the Drosophila nervous system, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy and 3D image reconstruction and analysis.

The successful applicant is:

Motivated and curious Bachelor, Master and Erasmus students can contact the group leader for available projects. You are welcome to visit the lab, meet the lab members and hear more about our research. Relevant literature is available upon request.

Please contact Group Leader Anne von Philipsborn directly, if interested.