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Alumni, previous students & visiting researchers

The map illustrates the different nationalities of our alumni per 31 December 2019. The nationalities illustrated in the map include alumni of paid employees from the groups of our Group and Team Leaders. The map does not include alumni from the groups of our affiliated researchers, students, and interns.

Welcome to the DANDRITE Alumni page!

In 2020, DANDRITE entered the eighth year of operation, and has a fast-growing number of Alumni. PhDs are graduating and the many postdocs are completing their positions at DANDRITE and move to new career stages. Some DANDRITE alumni stay in academia, others go to private sector research or consulting, and some to public sector teaching and administration. Some stay within Denmark, others go abroad. In the period of 2013 and 31 December 2019, DANDRITE has a total of 106 alumni of paid employees with 28 different nationalities.  

DANDRITE Alumni Network on LinkedIn

The official DANDRITE Alumni Network on LinkedIn is for former employees and students at DANDRITE. We also welcome all current DANDRITE staff. The purpose of the network is to gather alumni and share relevant events, news and stories from the neuroscience community.

The DANDRITE Alumni Network is also a tool enabling you to find and connect with former colleagues and likeminded alumni, who you share professional interests with.

You can find the DANDRITE Alumni Network on the link below. 

DANDRITE Alumni Network Administrator

Kathrine Hennings

Research Group Coordinator and Communications Assistant

DANDRITE PhD and Postdoc alumni

Below you find two graphs of PhD and Postdoc alumni from DANDRITE showing their whereabouts. The statistics are calculated per 31 December 2020. The statistics include all PhD and Postdoc alumni from DANDRITE since 2013 from all Core Group Leaders, Group Leaders, and Team Leaders.