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Sofia Trampari is new PhD Student in Nissen Group

2017.10.10 | Maria Thykær Jensen

Sofia Trampari is new PhD Student in Nissen Group from October 1st. During her studies in Solid State and Condensed Matter Physics, Sofia had the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of Crystallography. Her innate passion to discover the world and the need to work towards finding ways to improve people’s wellbeing led her to pursue her studies in biophysics. Until now, she has worked on X-ray powder diffraction and various physicochemical techniques to fully characterise proteins. During her PhD, she will work on membrane protein and Ca2+ pumps crystallisation and investigate the structure of a eukaryotic neurotransmitter transporter. Her personal goal is to enrich and evolve her knowledge on protein crystallography and enter the magic world of neuroscience.

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