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Site visit symposim by Brain Prize Winners Ed Boyen and Ernst Bamberg

The Brain Prize winners Prof. Ernst Bamberg and Prof. Ed Boyden visit Aarhus University October 20th, 2013. This symposium, with several different speakers from AU amongst others from DANDRITE, is taking place Sunday October 20th, 2013 and is arranged by Neurocampus AU.

2013.10.16 | Karen Bech

Date Sun 20 Oct
Time 11:00 16:00
Location Auditorium 6, 2nd floor Ole Worms Allé, Bldg. 1170, Aarhus University

Site visit symposium with two of this year's Brain Prize winners, Ed Boyden and Ernst Bamberg, and many different talks in molecular, translational and clinical neuroscience on Sunday Oct. 20th from 11:00 at Aarhus University.

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The meeting will be held,
Time: October 20, 2013, 11:00-15:30,
Venue: Auditorium 6, 2nd floor, Ole Worms Allé, Bldg. 1170, Aarhus University

Refreshments: Lunch and coffee will be provided.
Therefore, we would appreciate to receive your registration at the latest, October 16, 2013.
Please register your participation with Jenny-Ann Phan(jap@biokemi.au.dk)

On the behalf of Professor Anders Nykjær and Neurocampus.