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New PhD student at DANDRITE

Lasse Reimer started as PhD student in Poul Henning Jensen's group per 1 December 2015. During the course of his PhD he will mainly focus on the effect of early and late stage aggregates of Alpha Synuclein and their role in calcium dysregulation. In this regard he will investigate specific Alpha-Synuclein-interacting molecules that are known to play a role in cellular calcium homeostasis as well as tethering molecules that position calcium storage organelles in functional positions, e.g. the ER and plasma membrane for Store-Operated Ca2+-Entry and ER and mitochondria for filling of mitochondria. Characterizing critical molecules and down-stream deregulated processes could identify targets for preclinical disease modification of early steps in the degenerative process and a restoration of calcium imbalances could potentially reestablish normal cellular functions.

2015.12.01 | Eeva-Liisa Røssell Johansen