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Charlotte Sørensen, Agnieszka Jendroszek and Magnus Kjærgaard have published an article in Journal of Molecular Biology

The title of the article is: Linker Dependence of Avidity in Multivalent Interactions between Disordered Proteins

2019.09.17 | Kathrine Hennings

”Many synaptic proteins are highly multivalent, which means they have many interaction points, sort of like two octopuses holding hands. In this paper, we investigate how the connection between the interaction sites affect the strength of the interaction. In the octopus analogy, this corresponds to the length of the arms. We find that the dependence on arm length is much smaller than predicted, which suggests there are hitherto unrecognized mechanisms that compensate for the arm length.”
- Magnus Kjærgaard about the project

Follow this link to read the abstract or download the full text:  www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022283619305467!

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