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Jobs from our collaborators

NCMM Group Leader Positions

Group Leader positions with start-up packages in Precision Medicine

NCMM expects to recruit 2-3 new Principal investigators through this call, and we are in particular seeking future scientific leaders in areas complementing the current strengths of NCMM: AI/Machine Learning tackling human diseases, Stem cell / iPS cell science and disease, High Throughput Single-Cell and Cell-based Systems approaches. NCMM is also open to consider other emerging technologies that would complement ongoing research at the Centre.  

Group Leaders will be selected using the quality criteria and process of assessment as for recruitment to EMBL Group Leader positions with the focus on scientific excellence and potential to collaborate with existing NCMM group leaders. The successful candidates are expected to initiate new independent research programs with a clear relevance to molecular medicine and disease mechanisms. The research should consolidate existing research within the Centre (see website). The Group Leader positions may be combined with an adjunct position (20%) at Oslo University Hospital, Akershus University Hospital or another national university hospital to facilitate translation and clinical collaboration. An affiliation to another relevant UiO department may also be considered. Furthermore, we expect multi-disciplinary research collaborations with other NCMM research groups and NCMM Associate Investigators, with the internationally recognized biomedical and medical research environment in Oslo as well as with other top Norwegian scientists and within the Nordic EMBL Partnership for molecular medicine.

NCMM provides attractive sustainable support packages for new group leaders of approx. 1.8 million EUR over the first five-year period. This includes salaries of the group leader, a postdoctoral fellow, a doctoral student as well as a technician (total 4 positions), consumables and modern laboratory facilities. The candidates are expected to complement this budget through other national and / or international grants and / or through industrial collaborations. NCMM scientists will be supported by excellent in-house research infrastructures and have access to the local research community’s infrastructures (see technology platforms at University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital), national infrastructures and international capabilities provided by EMBL.

Please be aware that the application deadline is 15 September 2021.

You can read much more about the available Group Leader positions here

University of Helsinki is looking for a Postdoctoral researcher in Neurophysiology

The in vivo rodent electrophysiology and imaging unit in Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki is looking for a SENIOR POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER IN NEUROPHYSIOLOGY for a 3-year appointment, starting the earliest from October 2021.

The successful candidate is expected to have strong previous experience in in vivo neurophysiology, and in particular in the field of rodent brain imaging and/or electrophysiology. The selected candidate will perform research using the technologies and methods made available by the core and participate in maintaining and developing the activities the in vivo rodent imaging and electrophysiology research platform (https://www.helsinki.fi/en/infrastructures/helsinki-in-vivo-animal-imagi...), including user training. The core facility comprises of in vivo brain microscopy unit and platforms for in vivo electrophysiological recordings in both anesthetized and awake mice.

The research work will focus on the mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders and bridging findings from rodent models to human data. Previous research experience in rodent models as well as in vivo genetic and optogenetic manipulations in combination with in vivo electrophysiological or imaging techniques in considered as an advantage.

The qualification requirements include an applicable doctoral degree, excellent command of English as well as documented research skills (i.e. scientific publications) in the expected research field. Other requirements include the ability and motivation to pursue a scientific career, as demonstrated through publications or otherwise.

We offer an international, inspiring, and supportive research environment, along with excellent research facilities and in-house state-of-the-art technologies. NC hosts also other state-of-the-art infrastructures, including neuronal stem cell core and mouse behavioral phenotyping center. The members of NC also have an access to human brain imaging in the BioMag laboratory in the HUS Medical Imaging Centre and Aalto University facilities.

Applications are invited up to 15 August 2021 at 23:59 (EET).

For details please see :


Jobs and vacancies at AU

STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL STUDIES of eukaryotic membrane proteins involved in metabolite transport

A PhD and a postdoc position are available in membrane protein biochemistry and structural biology in the research group of Dr. Bjørn P Pedersen at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark. The group studies the structure-function relationship of membrane proteins involved in metabolite uptake, primarily sterol and sugar uptake, as well as their regulation from a structural perspective (see http://pedersenlab.dk).

The projects will be developed in discussion with the selected candidates, but will involve expression, purification and structural/functional characterization of membrane proteins involved in metabolite uptake. Example see https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31543266/.

Structures are determined by cryo-electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography and X-ray diffraction. This also involves expression and purification of membrane proteins, or complexes, use of detergents, and nanodiscs, and assays of transport in vesicles and in cells. First rate facilities are available in a highly cooperative environment.

The projects are fully funded by the European Research Council (ERC). The candidates should have molecular biology, protein production and purification experience. Experience with membrane proteins or protein structure determination will be an advantage. Full training will be provided in all necessary areas of protein biochemistry and structural biology. Good English language skills are essential. Salary will be according to the collective agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Danish State. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified, but start date is negotiable.

The city

In Aarhus you have easy access to beautiful nature and an exciting culture and city life that make Aarhus a wonderful place to live and work. See https://international.au.dk/life/locations/ for further details on the city and the university.

Find more information about the PhD position and how to apply here. Application deadline is 31 July. 
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