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2015.12.03 | Events

Symposium "DANDRITE encounters 2016"

The Group Leaders at DANDRITE will present their research groups and their activities in neuroscience at Aarhus University on Tuesday 9 February 2016 from 14:00-16:30 followed by an informal reception, in the AIAS auditorium, building 1632. The symposium and reception is open to everyone interested! Get insights on opportunities for research &…

2015.12.01 | People

DANDRITE postdoc appointment

Muwan Chen has been appointed a postdoc position for another year in Group leader Mark Denham's group, starting 1 December 2015. Muwan is working towards developing an in vitro model of Parkinson’s disease. The project involves reprogramming patient fibroblast into pluripotent stem cells and using these to derive dopaminergic neurons in vitro. The…

2015.12.01 | People

New PhD student at DANDRITE

Lasse Reimer started as PhD student in Poul Henning Jensen's group per 1 December 2015. During the course of his PhD he will mainly focus on the effect of early and late stage aggregates of Alpha Synuclein and their role in calcium dysregulation. In this regard he will investigate specific Alpha-Synuclein-interacting molecules that are known to…

2015.12.01 | People

New postdoc at DANDRITE

Madeny Belkhiri started as postdoc in Duda Kvitsiani's group per 1 December 2015. Madeny will develop rule based decision making task in mice to examine how neural network dynamics in prefrontal circuits supports flexible representation of abstract categories by brain. Initially Madeny’s work will consist of building computational models of local…

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