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Payroll & tax

Understanding your payslip

Here is a very good quick guide for understanding your Danish payslip (all figures and text on your payslip is explained here):

Pay slips for all employed by the Danish state are available via www.e-boks.dk. E-Boks is your personal digital mailbox. In case you haven’t already done it, you are outmost encouraged to set up your own personal e-Boks via www.e-boks.dk (change the language on www.e-boks.dk to English at the very button on the frontpage – look for “sprog”).

Details on salary and taxation

Regarding detailed guidance and assistance with editing your salary and tax information, you have to get in contact yourself with your official payroll case manager, as your local DANDRITE administration do not have the expertise or access to assist you. But we can of course guide you, to ease the process.

Please direct your question to your personal payroll case manager, which you find on the list below. Choose a payroll manager depending on whether you are employed at Faculty of Natural Sciences (Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics) or the Faculty of Health (Dept. Biomedicine):

Payroll case managers at Team Natural Sciences

For staff and students employed at Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics

Payroll case managers at Team Health

For staff and students employed at Dept. Biomedicine