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DANDRITE's site-visit by review board

As part of the prolongation review of DANDRITE, a review board, Lundbeckfonden, and EMBL will visit and evaluate DANDRITE on Friday December 2, 2016.

2016.10.03 | Emilie Aagaard

Date Fri 02 Dec
Time 10:00 18:00
Location Aarhus University

The following international and highly recognized scientists are members of the review board:
Senior Scientist Cornelius Gross, Deputy Head of EMBL Outstation Monterotondo
Professor Kjetil Tasken, Director of Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway, NCMM
Professor Maiken Nedergaard, Head of Center for Basic and Translational Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen

The program of the Site Visit iwill include scientific presentations by the DANDRITE Group leaders and Team leaders in the morning, where everyone affiliated DANDRITE is invited and strongly encouraged to attend and show your support of DANDRITE.
The presentations are followed by a tour of the DANDRITE laboratories and facilities, where all the Group leaders, staff, and students present their labs as well as selected research projects and facilities to the review board and provide answers to their questions.

See the program here