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Jobs and vacancies at DANDRITE

1-2 Group Leader(s) in Molecular and Translational Neuroscience

We seek a group leader in neuroscience to establish an independent research program that can both exploit and complement the expertise and research programs of current groups. For this particular call, we encourage candidates with strong programs in mechanism-based investigations and translational perspectives. Research programs can for example investigate protein-protein interaction networks in cell biology underlying intra- or intercellular signaling and function in the normal and diseased brain and its cells using advanced tools of e.g., imaging, chemical biology, single cell technologies, genetics, proteomics and bioinformatics. Group leaders are expected to introduce novel topics and tools, strengthen synergies of on-going DANDRITE research, and build a program at international level that can support also collaborations of interdisciplinary and translational neuroscience at NeuroCampus Aarhus and within Danish neuroscience.

As a group leader you will be offered state-of-the-art laboratory facilities embedded in existing research infrastructures for neuroscience at all levels ranging from structure and function of molecules to advanced imaging, electrophysiology and functional/behavioral studies in transgenic models including for example induced pluripotent stem cells, brain organoids, fruit fly, zebrafish, mouse, and rat. Research at Aarhus University is in close proximity to clinical research at the top-ranked Aarhus University Hospital, and biotech support facilities are available. There will be ample opportunities for training and experience with academic teaching, public outreach, and start-up/translation.

To qualify for a group leader position, the candidate should have a PhD degree or equivalent and an appropriate level of postdoctoral training. Applicants should present a strong track record of relevance to (but not necessarily limited to) neuroscience, and an independent research proposal that demonstrates the potential to identify compelling new questions and ideas in neuroscience to be pursued at DANDRITE and with the leverage of existing or developing activities at NeuroCampus Aarhus. Particular weight will be given to scientific proficiency and visionary proposals. We will consider candidates at a level that corresponds to ERC starting grants and the group leaders will be employed as associate professors.

The group leader program follows the EMBL model with a 5-year appointment and the possibility for a 4-year extension for a total of 9 years depending on a review concluding in the fourth year. Candidates are offered a competitive start package of EUR 1.6M for the first five years and further funding can be expected from national and international funding bodies including a strong presence of private foundations in Danish research. Specific support programs are available for collaborations with other neuroscience communities in Denmark and for capital investments on equipment.

Application deadline is January 31st 2022.

Find more information and apply via Aarhus University's website here. 

Postdoc position in Neurobiology

Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoc position in the field of Gut-Brain axis at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark. You will be joining the new Vanwalleghem lab working with zebrafish to understand how the enteric nervous system, brain and microbiome interact.  

This position will involve designing, conducting, and analysing experiments to understand the Gut-Brain axis in the zebrafish model system. Researchers with experience in neuroscience, microbiology and immunology are welcome to apply, but it is expected that you will span multiple of these fields once established in the lab. You will have the opportunity to develop your projects based on your existing experience and your own career goals.

Applications must be received no later than 10th of January 2022.

Find more information and apply via Aarhus University's website here. 

Jobs and vacancies at AU

Scientific coordinator at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Are you passionate about research and can you help us increase our fundraising? Then the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University is looking for a scientific coordinator starting on 1 April 2022 or as soon as possible. The position is a permanent position.  

Job description

The scientific coordinator is part of a supportive administrative team and the position has a special focus on supporting the scientific staff in terms of obtaining grants from external foundations and ensuring a professional process in connection with the filling of permanent VIP positions. In connection with these tasks, there will be close contact with the department's VIPs and close collaboration with the Research Committee and the Head of Department. In addition, there will often be contact with the Research Support Unit at AU and colleagues at the faculty.  

Application deadline is February 1, 2022.

Read more about the position here

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