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Journal Clubs

Looking for a suitable Journal Club to be part of? Here is some inspiration!  

Below you'll find a list of Journal Clubs in the DANDRITE groups, which are available to sign up for everyone who would be interested. Sign up by writing to the responsible person of the Journal Club. Any updates on the Journal Clubs, and info on new once, is requested send to Kathrine Hennings or Karen Bech-Pedersen from the responsible persons.

Journal Club on circuit neuroscience

Joint journal club for all groups at DANDRITE, and external participants.
The aim of the meetings is to have an open scientific exchange on new (and old) papers (and techniques, data etc) on selected neuroscience topics. The meetings will be informal, informative and exciting, and open to anyone! Please see the calendar for more information about dates and presenters – you are more than welcome to sign up.
     Time and place: every second Thursday 9-10, location: library 1170-440
     Responsible person: Keisuke Yonehara
     Mailing list: jc.dandrite (contact Keisuke Yonehara)

Responsible: Duda Kvitsiani

Journal Club of Systems Neuroscience
Time and place: Wednesdays, 13:00-14:00, 1170 library (room 440)
The course  is a journal club where current topics in neuroscience are discussed. The aim of the course is to find and discuss novel research articles in the field of neuroscience and to develop a general understanding of the current state of neuroscience research, relevant experimental techniques and theoretical approaches. Topics covered           will be: Neuroeconomics, Behavioral neuroscience, Neural and genetic       basis of decision-making, Neural computations & neural networks,               Electrophysiological recordings, GCaMP imaging, optogenetics, and           other topics based on participants’ interests. 1 ECTS per semester.

Responsible: Sadegh Nabavi

Journal club on "memory formation"
Time and place: Weekly every Tuesdays at 9.30 am in the 1st floor seminar room of building 1182
Responsible person: Nathalie Krauth
More info: In our weekly journal clubs we discuss reviews and current papers that discuss relevant techniques or foundations and new findings in memory research. Relevant topics include: memory                     consolidation, emotional influence on memory                                                   formation, neuromodulation, optogenetics, electrophysiology.

Responsible: Anne von Philipsborn

A small fly Journal Club
Subjects such as “Drosophila, behavioral genetics, circuit neuroscience”
Place: Building 1171
Responsible person
: Anne von Philipsborn

Responsible: Poul Nissen

Journal Club on Structural Neurobiology
Time: Every 2. week from 9:40-10:00. Starting per July 1st, 2020. It is held at the end of the PN lab meeting    
Venue: The MBG conference room, 3130-3030 (currently room for 40 persons). Zoom dial-in possible (use this lab meeting Zoom link).
Participants: The journal club is open to anyone interested from the DANDRITE community.                                                                                      Sign up: Please sign-up yourself by selecting available slot                               in presentation scheme in Labbook (lab members), or by contacting             Karen (external participant).  

Responsible: Poul Henning Jensen and Marina Romero-Ramos

Responsible: Anders Nykjær

Neuroscience journal club   
Subjects such as memory, neuronal development, Sortilin receptor family, electrophysiology, animal behavior, etc.
The journal club is open to everyone, but please sign-up.
Place: Building 1116, “Skou building”
Responsible person: Karen Marie Juul Sørensen (kmjs@dandrite.au.dk

Responsible: Mark Denham

Stem cells and Development
Information: The aim of the journal club is to review and discuss new and significant publications in the field of stem cells and development, with a particular focus on neuroscience. Frequency is fortnightly on Thursdays at 9am, the alternating weeks to the internal meetings.
Contact person Mark Denham. Location is
Skou building 1116.