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2019.05.23 | People , HannePoulsen

Welcome to new PhD student Oscar Sevillano Quispe in Hanne Poulsen's research group

My project aims at describing the dynamics of the structural rearrangements of glutamate NMDA receptor through different states. To this end, I will use voltage-clamp fluorimetry, inserting a fluorescent amino acid at various sites of the receptor. Ultimately, this study will provide a novel means of understanding the mechanisms that govern NMDA…

2019.05.22 | Research news, PoulHenningJensen

Postdoc Fikret Emre Kapucu is co-authoring a chapter in the new book "In Vitro Neuronal Networks"

The chapter "Advances in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuronal Cell Culturing and Analysis" in the new book "In Vitro Neuronal Networks - From Culturing Methods to Neuro-Technological Applications" is co-authored by postdoc Fikret Emre Kapucu from Poul Henning Jensen's group. The chapter provides an overview of the current stage of human in vitro…

Picture of Laurie

2019.05.16 | People , Simon Glerup

Welcome to new student Laurie Frances

Laurie's work consists in testing new promising molecules on human cells to inhibit PCSK9, a protein overexpressed in many metabolic diseases such as coronary artery disease (CAD) or familial obesity. Inhibiting PCSK9 will increase the LDL receptors rate and therefore decrease greatly the LDL-cholesterol in the blood, preventing cholesterol to…

Picture of Emma Sommer

2019.05.16 | People , News from the management

Welcome to the new student assistant Emma Kathrine Sommer

Emma is new student assistant at the DANDRITE Administration pr. May 16th.

2019.05.15 | AnnevonPhilipsborn, People

Welcome to Bijayalaxmi Swain, who is new research assistant in Anne von Philipsborn's group

Bijayalaxmi Swain is working on characterizing the function of interneurons involved in male song by a behavioural experiments (song recording) combined with genetic manipulation of defined neuronal classes by neuronal silencing, optogenetic activation, RNAi mediated knockdown of neurotransmission genes or feminisation by expression of genes of…

2019.05.13 | News from the management

DANDRITE's annual report 2018

It is our great pleasure to present the Annual Report 2018 from DANDRITE, which covers DANDRITE's 6th year of operation. In 2018, we entered DANDRITE's second 5-year funding period, and with that also new thoughts and discussions of future research directions and strategies in neuroscience.

2019.05.09 | MarinaRomero-Ramos, Awards

New funding for Marina Romero-Ramos

Associate Prof. Marina Romero-Ramos, Affiliated Researcher at DANDRITE, has received a new grant from DFF (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond) for her research project "Progressive monocytic response in Parkinson's Disease, a role for the peripheral immune system in the disease".

2019.05.09 | JørgenKjems, Awards

New funding for Jørgen Kjems

Professor Jørgen Kjems, Affiliated Researcher at DANDRITE, has received a new grant from DFF (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond) for his research project "Circular RNA as potential biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases".

2019.05.03 | People , Eliteforskning, PoulNissen

Ronja Driller receives Lundbeck Postdoctoral fellowship

Ronja Driller is new postdoc in Poul Nissen’s group per 1 May 2019, as she has been awarded one of 46 prestigious Lundbeck postdoctoral fellowship for 2019. The fellowship is fully-funded for 3 years, amounting to 2,4 million DKK. The grant was awarded to Ronja in order for her to investigate the structure and function of endosomal and lysosomal…

Forskningens Døgn 2019

2019.05.02 | MagnusKjærgaard, Events, Knowledge exchange

Magnus Kjaergaard featured in reportage during The Festival of Research

During The Festival of Research, Team Leader Magnus Kjaergaard was a part of the "Book a Researcher" programme, where institutions can book a researcher to give a talk for free. A journalist from the University news paper Omnibus followed him during one of the talks and did a reportage on the experience.

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