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2019.01.31 | People

Please welcome Rikke Søby Simonen who is the new student assistant for DANDRITE and PROMEMO

Rikke Søby Simonsen has started as student assistant for DANDRITE and PROMEMO on the 15th January 2019.

Photo of Alana Miranda Pinheiro

2019.01.29 | People , ChristianVægter

Please welcome Alana Miranda Pinheiro who is new PhD Student in Vægter's group

Alana started in Christian Vægter's group in the beginning of January. It is now well established that injury to peripheral nerves results in activation of SGCs surrounding the soma of the injured neurons. Utilizing in vivo models, Alana will characterize the injury-response of satellite glial cells (SGC) at transcriptional and proteomic level.…

Announcement of DANDRITE Student ENCOUNTERS

2019.01.23 | Events, Students

DANDRITE Student ENCOUNTERS is now open to registration

During ENCOUNTERS our research groups provide guided tours around their intriguing labs to interested students. This is an unique opportunity for students to hear about astonishing research within the neurobiological field and to get insights on project opportunities. This year 15 groups will provide lab tours. If you are a student you can learn…

Confocal microscopic image of a biocytin-filled human cortical pyramidal cell in layer 3

2019.01.09 | Marco Capogna, Research news

New publication from Marco Capogna in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

Ligands to metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) are potential novel drugs for neurological and psychiatric disorders, but little is known about the effects of these compounds at synapses of the human cerebral cortex. To fill this gap, this paper shows the effects of group II mGluR activation on excitatory synaptic transmission recorded from…

Nordic EMBL Partnership call

2019.01.08 | Talent development

PhD positions with the Nordic EMBL Partnership 2019

As part of the joint Nordic EMBL Partnership call for PhD students in Molecular Medicine, we are seeking outstanding candidates for PhD positions.

Anders Nykjær

2019.01.08 | AndersNykjær

Anders Nykjær interviewed for TV 2

In the interview, Anders Nykjær addresses the influence of smartphones on memory and the importance of continuously challenging the brain in order to strengthen memory.

Trine Rohde

2019.01.08 | People , TomonoriTakeuchi

Please welcome Trine Rohde who is new technician in Tomonori Takeuchi's group

Trine has been a laboratory technician for 12 years and earlier she has worked with molecular biology, physiology and microbiology. In Tomonori's group she will have various job tasks e.g. she will take care of the laboratory's daily operations, she will do different experiments on rats and work in the cell laboratory. Trine is 39 years old and…

Picture of Lone Fuglsang Pedersen

2019.01.07 | AndersNykjær

Lone Fuglsang Pedersen is new Research Assistant in Nykjær Lab

Lone Fuglsang Pedersen is new Research Assistant in Anders Nykjær Group. Recently, it was discovered that that sortilin gene family members regulate synaptic transmission between excitatory neurons. Now, Lone and the group will look into excitatory synaptic transmission between excitatory and inhibitory neurons using electrophysiological…