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2019.08.29 | PoulHenningJensen, News from the management

Congratulations to Asad Jan who has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship under the Horizon 2020 program in Jensen Group

Dr. Jan is currently a research fellow at AIAS. In the laboratory of Prof. PH Jensen at DANDRITE, Dr. Jan's research focuses on discovering genetic mechanisms of prion-like spreading of misfolded alpha synuclein in nervous system, and applications of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in models of Parkinson disease.

2019.08.23 | AndersNykjær

Welcome to Melina Hien who started as ERASMUS intern in Nykjær Group the 19th of August 2019

Melina Hien will be here at DANDRITE until the 18th of december. She is studying Biology, with the specialisation Neurobiology, at the TU in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In the course of her master programme she will stay as an intern at Nykjaer group for four months to investigate phosphorylation events on SorCS1B and Sorl1

2019.08.23 | People , AndersNykjær

Welcome to Lucie Woloszczuková, who is new Research Assistant in Nykjær Group

Lucie is a new Research Assistant in Anders Nykjær lab and she will work together with our postdoc Alena Salasova on the development of dopaminergic system. She will study how signaling alterations during brain development can be involved in the onset of psychiatric disorders.

2019.08.21 | SadeghNabavi, Knowledge exchange, Research news

The latest 'Behind the Scenes' profile features Dr Sadegh Nabavi, Group Leader at DANDRITE

Nabavi’s group focuses on memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels. Recently, Dr. Sadegh Nabavi had his group leader position extended for a further four years. In our latest Behind the Scenes article, Dr Nabavi discusses his research and his curiosity and passion for neuroscience.

2019.08.21 | People

Dr. Alicia Flores Cuadrado is going to visit Marina Romero-Ramos lab from August first 2019 till the first of February 2020

ALICIA FLORES CUADRADO, Assistant Prof, University of Ciudad Real (Spain) will be visiting Romero-Ramos lab at DANDRITE. She will develop a project regarding the influence of vagus nerve on the immune response during Parkinson's disease.

2019.08.20 | SadeghNabavi

João Lima is prolonged as Postdoc in Sadegh Nabavis group

João Lima will be staying at DANDRITE in Sadegh Nabavis group. He has been prolonged as Postdoc starting the 20th of August on Sadegh Nabavis DFF Grant.

2019.08.13 | People , News from the management

Welcome to Kathrine Hennings, who is new Research Group Coordinator and Communications Assistant at DANDRITE

Kathrine has recently finished her masters in International Studies at Aarhus University and will in the coming year be taking over for Maria Thykær Jensen as Research Group Coordinator and Communications Assistant in the DANDRITE administration. Kathrine has previously worked at DANDRITE as a student assistant, which means that some of you may…

2019.08.13 | People , PoulNissen

Welcome to Mads Christensen, new PhD student in Poul Nissen's group at DANDRITE

Mads Christensen started as PhD students in Poul Nissen's group per 1 August 2019. He will be working with a project on the Na,K-ATPase, which is a well known membrane embedded ion-transporter. In addition to the physiological importance maintaining the electrochemical gradient of Na+ and K+ across the plasma membrane, mutations have been…

2019.08.06 | PoulHenningJensen, People

Welcome to Ana Cláudia Almeida, the new intern in Jensen's Group

Ana is a Medical Student (5th Year) from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She is going to work on Professor Poul Henning’s group for 4 weeks within the context of the Research Exchange Program of the International Federation of Medical Students (IFMSA). Ana’s work will focus on the "Spreading of pathological α- Synuclein through the Peripheral…

2019.08.06 | PoulHenningJensen, People

Welcome to the new intern in Poul Henning Jensens group, Lena Prisching

She is studying "Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, in Austria. As a part of her studies she is doing an internship at the DANDRITE institute in Aarhus where she will join Jensen Group. Her project during her stay here will be to study alpha-synuclein aggregation in vitro and in cell models.

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