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Fig. 7

From: WNT5A is transported via lipoprotein particles in the cerebrospinal fluid to regulate hindbrain morphogenesis.

2019.04.26 | Research news, AndersNykjær

New discovery: The journey of WNT5A across the developing brain in mice and men

Alena Salasova, a postdoc in Anders Nykjær's group, is co-author of new article published in Nature Communications on April 2 . The paper entitled "WNT5A is transported via lipoprotein particles in the cerebrospinal fluid to regulate hindbrain morphogenesis" describes a novel mechanism of how is a key morphogen WNT5A secreted from choroid plexus…

2019.04.25 | Research news, PoulNissen

Poul Nissen receives EUR 1.34 million to study the insulin receptor

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded Professor Poul Nissen a five-year grant in the form of a so-called "NNF Distinguished Investigator 2019 grant" within "Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine", which is given to researchers who have shown their ability to carry out and lead research at the very highest international level.

2019.04.24 | AndersNykjær, Events

Group leader Anders Nykjær is co-author to new paper in Cell Reports

Protecting neurons from cell death following epilepsy A new paper paper by Malik et al in Cell Reports, coauthored by Anders Nykjaer, demonstrates that the receptor SorCS2 is protective against the brain damage that follows an epileptic seizure. They find that SorCS2 secures proper expression of EEAT3, a transporter that mediates cellular uptake…

The Nordic EMBL Partnership directors. (Left to right) Janna Saarela, Mark Daly, EMBL Director General Edith Heard, former EMBL Director General Iain Mattaj, Poul Nissen, Oliver Billker. PHOTO: Massimo del Prete/EMBL

2019.04.24 | Knowledge exchange, PoulNissen

Nordic EMBL Partnership Directors featured by EMBL

The four Nordic EMBL Partnership Directors are featured in an article by the EMBL, discussing the benefits of collaboration and what the EMBL means to them.

2019.04.11 | Research news, PoulNissen

New insights into calcium transport may help develop new drugs

A normal function of the heart and nerve system is, among other things, dependent on proper regulation of calcium in the cells. This process depends on the proper functioning of the calcium pump. Poul Nissen and his research group at DANDRITE have conducted new studies of the calcium pump structure give new insight into this process, which may…

2019.04.08 | People , Marco Capogna

Welcome to new postdoc Felipe Andres Fredes Tolorza in Marco Capogna's lab

On 1 April, Felipe Fredes Tolorza started as a new PROMEMO postdoc in Marco Capogna’s lab. Felipe is from Chile, but before moving to Denmark, he was working at the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), Vienna, Austria in the lab of Prof Ryuchi Shigemoto (https://ist.ac.at/en/research/life-sciences/shigemoto-group/). His project aims to…