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From Left to Right: Agata Pernus (Project Officer - Government and EU Relations, EMBL), Plamena Markova (Joint Head of Government & EU Relations, EMBL), Janna Saarela (newly appointed Director, NCMM), Mark Daly (Director, FIMM), Edith Heard (incoming Director General, EMBL), Iain Mattaj (outgoing Director General, EMBL), Poul Nissen (Director, DANDRITE), Oliver Bilker (Director, MIMS), Silke Schumacher (Director International Relations, EMBL). Photo: Massimo del Prete, EMBL

2018.11.30 | News from the management, Research news, PoulNissen

Farewell to Iain Mattaj, Director General, EMBL

The directors of the Nordic EMBL Partnership nodes attended a farewell event at the EMBL in Heidelberg for Iain Mattaj on 27th Nov. 2018, as he nears the end of his Director General mandate. Professor Iain Mattaj will be succeeded by Professor Edith Heard, who officially joins EMBL in January 2019.

2018.11.30 | Research news, PoulNissen

New incubation programmes from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation's new Bioinnovation Institute (BII) has appointed a panel from universities, venture funds and life science companies to help assess applications for their new incubation programmes.

Mark Denham

2018.11.29 | People , News from the management, MarkDenham

Congratulations to Mark Denham, who has had his Group Leader extension approved

The Executive Board of DANDRITE has approved the recommendations from the Assessment Committee to extend Mark’s appointment at DANDRITE and thus, Mark has obtained the full extension for 2022.

2018.11.28 | MarkDenham

Susanne Hvolbøl Buchholdt continues in a permanent employment as technician in Denham Group

Susanne Hvolbøl Buchholdt is a technician in the Denham lab, and her main tasks include culturing and maintaining human pluripotent stem cells. She has also been involved in the reprogramming of Parkinson’s disease patient fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem cells.

2018.11.23 | People , KeisukeYonehara

Please welcome Tjasa who is new trainee in Yonehara group

Tjasa Lapanja joined Keisuke Yonehara’s group as a trainee in November. For the next 3,5 months she will be working with Szilard Sajgo on a project that aims to discover molecular mechanisms, important for retinal cell type specification.

Tomonori Takeuchi

2018.11.19 | Research news, TomonoriTakeuchi

New paper from Tomonori Takeuchi's team

The review paper entitled: "Novelty and Dopaminergic Modulation of Memory Persistence: A Tale of Two Systems" was published in “Trends in Neuroscience” on November 16, 2018. Tomonori Takeuchi - DANDRITE Team Leader - is co-last author on the paper.

2018.11.12 | MarkDenham, Research news

Mark Denham receives DKK 100,000 from Parkinsonforeningen (The Parkinson's Foundation)

Mark Denham receives the grant for the project: "Investigating Genetic Susceptibility in Parkinson’s Disease GBA Heterozygous Carriers".

2018.11.09 | Research news, PoulNissen

DKK 30 million for high-tech electron microscopes for research in molecular cell biology

The Minister for Higher Education and Science has approved funding for three new research infrastructures, of which DKK 30.76 million goes to EMBION – a research infrastructure for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) on biological materials.

Functional Mapping and Associative-Memory-Related Plasticity of Layer 1 NDNF-Expressing Interneurons

2018.11.08 | Events, Research news, Marco Capogna

New Publication from Marco Capogna's group

The article was published on November 7 in Neuron - Cell Press - “Dendritic Inhibition in Layer 1 Cortex Gates Associative Memory”. Learning-related plasticity is critical for emotional memory. The Neuron preview paper by Wen-Hsien Hou and Marco Capogna discusses novel dynamics mediated by a particular GABAergic neuron type (so-called…

2018.11.05 | PoulHenningJensen, People

Lixiang Jiang is a new PhD student in Jensen Group.

As a new PhD student in Jensen Group, Lixiang Jiang, will be working on a project Regulation of α-synuclein transcription by the PLK-2/GSK-3β signalling pathway – a potential modulator of Parkinson’s disease risk.

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