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2018.03.15 | People , SadeghNabavi

Nehal Hassan is new Research Assistant in Nabavi Group

Nehal is new Research Assistant in Sadegh Nabavi's group from March 10th. She will join the investigation of neural circuits in aversive memories and will be supporting various lab members in their projects.

Photo: AU

2018.03.09 | People , TomonoriTakeuchi

New Team Leader at DANDRITE - Memory selectivity and knowledge updating

Please welcome Tomonori Takeuchi, who is appointed Team Leader at DANDRITE per 9 March 2018. His team consists so far of Lab Manager Kim Henningsen, Postdoc Mai Iwasaki and himself. Tomonori Takeuchi’s overall research goal is to understand how...

2018.03.07 | People , KeisukeYonehara

Giuseppe Balsamo is new ERASMUS student in Yonehara Group

Giuseppe is new ERASMUS student in Keisuke Yonehara's group from March 1st until September 30th. His aim is to understand how the superior colliculus circuits control visually-guided behaviors using viral strategies, immunohistochemistry and behavior.

2018.03.06 | Research news

The Brain Prize Winners 2018 has been announced

The Brain Prize for 2018 is awarded to Bart De Strooper, Michel Goedert, Christian Haass, and John Hardy 'for their groundbreaking research on the genetic and molecular basis of Alzheimer’s disease, with far-reaching implications for the development of new therapeutic interventions as well as for the understanding of other neurodegenerative…

2018.03.05 | News from the management, PoulNissen, People

Poul Nissen continues as appointed director of DANDRITE

We are very happy to announce that core group leader Poul Nissen will continue as the director of DANDRITE, appointed by the executive board. The appointment is for the second 5 year period per 5 March 2018. Poul Nissen was first appointed founding director for one year in 2013 and then as the director for four years in 2014. The leadership will…

2018.03.05 | PoulNissen, ThomasBoesen, HannePoulsen

New laboratory technician at DANDRITE

Tanja Klymchuk is now affiliated as shared laboratory technician at DANDRITE, sharing her time between the group's of Poul Nissen, Hanne Poulsen, Magnus Kjærgaard, Thomas Boesen, and Assoc. prof. Bjørn Pedersen at the Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics. Tanja will, together with technician Anna Marie Nielsen, take over some of the duties and…

2018.03.02 | Awards, SadeghNabavi

Nabavi lab received 2,000,000 DKK from Lundbeckfonden & NIH BRAIN Initiative for the project “Independent optical excitation of overlapping neural populations in behaving animals”.

In the last decade, optogenetic techniques, particularly light-gated ion channels, have been a transformational tool. They are powerful enough to manipulate a single neuron in behaving animals, and yet simple enough to be adapted by laboratories of diverse expertise. Light-gated ion channels come in different varieties, with blue and red-shifted…

2018.03.02 | Knowledge exchange

The InnoFounder incubator is open for applications

Are you the next awesome Danish startup? InnoFounder, a nationwide design-driven incubator for recent graduates, is now open for applications.