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Keisuke Yonehara

2018.12.21 | Research news, KeisukeYonehara

Congratulations to Keisuke Yonehara with the grant of DKK 2,991,000.00 from Lundbeckfonden on The NIH Brain Initiative Scheme

The grant is assigned to the project entitled; "Brain circuit mapping using light-inducible recombinase systems”. The project will be initiated early 2019.

Poul Nissen, far right, with the Titan Krios microscope at Aarhus University. Photo: Poul Nissen.

2018.12.19 | Research news, PoulNissen, ThomasBoesen

Get insight into Cryo-EM in new feature from the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM, has been around since the 1970s, but it’s only in recent years that, thanks to technological advances, the technique has become more accessible. Poul Nissen, Director of DANDRITE, and Bernt Eric Uhlin, Founding Director of MIMS until October 2018, are interviewed about the current cryo-EM setups available in…

Postdoc Kosuke Okuda

2018.12.19 | TomonoriTakeuchi

New postdoctoral researcher in Tomonori Takeuchi’s team

Dr. Kosuke Okuda has been granted DKK 2.1 million (three years) by the Lundbeck Foundation to investigate proteins crucial for novelty-induced memory enhancement. The aim is to identify and functionally charactarize plasticity-related-proteins essential for novelty-induced memory enhancement.  The project will involve: Screening for…

2018.12.11 | Events

Announcing the PROMEMO conference on "Proteins and Circuits in Memory"

The PROMEMO conference on "Proteins and Circuits in Memory”, taking place 5-7 March 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, brings together world-leading neuroscientists, who will discuss their latest research uncovering novel mechanisms that underlie memory formation, storage, and recall. The program will include the official announcement of The Brain Prize…

Participants from the course

2018.12.09 | Marco Capogna

Graduate Course: Understanding the Brain through the Hippocampus and other neural systems 2018 organized by Marco Capogna

The four day course (4 December-7 December 2018), held at Aarhus University, has addressed key topics in molecular, cellular and system neuroscience. The vision from which the course is based is that explanation of normal and pathological events in the brain can only come from the rigorous definition of the neuronal circuits that underlie these…

Photo: Group leader Duda Kvitsiani and postdoc Maria Moltesen
Photo: Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani

2018.12.07 | Knowledge exchange, DudaKvitsiani

Duda Kvitsiani and his research is featured in the first article of the new 'Behind the Scenes' series of The Nordic EMBL Partnership

As a new thing, the Nordic EMBL Partnership will look in-depth at a researcher, or a facility, within the Nordic EMBL Partnership by writing stories for a new partnership network series called 'Behind the Scenes'.

2018.12.07 | Research news, PoulNissen

Novo Nordisk Foundation Project Grant for Prof. Poul Nissen

Professor Poul Nissen has been awarded a Novo Nordisk Foundation Project Grants in Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine 2018 for the project "Structure determination of the human glycine transporter hGlyT1".

Cover photo by Mateusz Dyla

2018.12.07 | Research news, MagnusKjærgaard

Magnus Kjærgaard and Mateusz Dyla is featured in this month’s issue of the magazine “Dansk Kemi” (Danish Chemistry)

The title of the article is ”Naturens nanopumper fanget på film” and describes the findings of last year’s publication: ‘Dynamics of P-type ATPase transport revealed by single-molecule FRET’ that was published on 8 November 2017 in Nature.