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2017.09.28 | Events

Science by the sea: connecting with colleagues at the 8th annual Nordic EMBL Partnership meeting

The 8th annual Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine Meeting 2017 took place from 4-7 September in Helsinki.

2017.09.27 | Research news, AnnevonPhilipsborn

Anne von Philipsborn and Bárður Eyjólfsson Ellendersen publish a review article in Insect Science

D. melanogaster sexual behavior was first described by A.H. Sturtevant in 1915. Today, a hundred years later, scientists are still learning about neuroscience by studying this behavior. Our review focuses on findings in circuit neuroscience that have been made within the last two years using D. melanogaster sexual behavior as…

2017.09.26 | News from the management

Flagship of molecular bioscience is attending the Big Science Business Forum 2018 in Copenhagen

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has announced its participation in Big Science Business Forum 2018 and will therefore be present at the first united business forum for suppliers and stakeholders in Europe.

2017.09.26 | People , MarkDenham

Fadumo Mohamed is new master student in Denham Group

Fadumo Mohamed is new master student in Mark Denham's group from September 11th. She is a danish student from Aalborg university but she will work full time here until the end of May on the project with title: "Investigating the function of circular RNA during differentiation from stem cells to dopaminergic neurons".…

2017.09.26 | People , PoulHenningJensen

Helene Tallaksen is new bachelor student in Jensen Group

Helene Tallaksen is new bachelor student in Poul Henning Jensen's group from September 4th. She will focus on animal experiments and immunohistochemical analysis of tissue from different animal models of Parkinson’s disease.  ​

2017.09.21 | Site Specific

The Nordic EMBL Partnership is now seeking outstanding international candidates for Postdoctoral Researcher positions

As part of a joint Nordic EMBL Partnership call for Postdoctoral Researchers, we are now seeking outstanding international candidates for Postdoctoral Researcher positions. Please see the specific calls at the institutes‘ websites for comprehensive position descriptions and details on application procedures and deadlines.

2017.09.21 | People , MortenSchallburg Nielsen

Morten Schallburg Nielsen is new affiliated researcher at DANDRITE

Associate professor Morten Schallburg Nielsen is new affiliated researcher in DANDRITE from September 2017. His primary focus is receptor-mediated transport systems in brain endothelial cells, which have the potential to mediate transcytosis of nanocarriers across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Though, previous studies using the…

Photo credit: Mattias Pettersson

2017.09.20 | News from the management

New Speaker announced for the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Professor Bernt Eric Uhlin, Director of MIMS, will replace Professor Kjetil Taskén, Director of NCMM

2017.09.14 | People , AnnevonPhilipsborn

Machteld Verzijden is new postdoc in Philipsborn Group

Machteld Verzijden is new postdoc in Anne von Philipsborn's group from September 15th. She will be investigating the neurological mechanism of how sugar consumption affects male mating success in Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies.  

2017.09.13 | People , MagnusKjærgaard

Iker Rivas González is new ERASMUS student on Kjærgaard Team

Iker is new ERASMUS student on Magnus Kjærgaard's team from August 28th. He's project will primarily involve the study of the mechanism of CaMKII regulation in the interaction between PSD-95 and the NMDA receptor phosphorylation. The work will be based on structural characterization and affinity measurements of the complex between PSD-95 and…

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