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2017.07.18 | People , SadeghNabavi

Kathrine Meinecke Christensen is new Laboratory Technician in Nabavi Group

Kathrine is new Laboratory Technician in Sadegh Nabavi's group per July 10th. She will take over Anne-Katrines tasks while she is on meternity leave. Kathrine has worked at Copenhagen University at Department of Veterinary and Animal Science. She has just moved to Jylland after 8 years in Copenhagen.  

2017.07.13 | People , KeisukeYonehara

Monica Dahlstrup Sietam is new Research Assistant in Yonehara Group

Monica is new Research Assistant in Keisuke Yonehara's group per July 1st. She will study the role of Cre-labeled ganglion cell types in vision-dependent behaviors and central computations using molecular biological, genome engineering, behavioral and electrophysiological approaches.

2017.07.10 | People , AnnevonPhilipsborn

Lasse Østerhaab Sell is Student Assistant in Philipsborn Group

Lasse is new Student Assistant in Anne von Philipsborn's group per July 1st. Duties of the student job include preparation of Drosophila food, autoclaving Drosophila waste and help with maintenance of Drosophila stock.

2017.07.04 | Research news

The Carlsberg Foundation has just announced their new call

Deadline: 1 october 2017 at 4.00 pm. Please note that Carlsberg Fundation among others offer a Research Infrastructure grant, supporting the procurement of research infrastructure.

2017.07.04 | Research news, SadeghNabavi

Sadegh Nabavi, Niels Andersen and Nathalie Krauth publish a review article in Current Opinion in Neurobiology

The title of the review is: Hebbian plasticity in vivo: relevance and induction.