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2016.03.31 | News from the management

The Nordic EMBL Patnership for Molecular Medicine now officially has a logo!

The logo is inspired by the shape of chromosomes. It displays four shapes, representing the four partners. They stand together, representing unity and partnership, and the curbed line represents the northern hemisphere. DANDRITE is the Danish parthership node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.

2016.03.31 | Research news, Simon Glerup

Simon Glerup Pedersen receives prestigious grant for research in brain circuit

Simon Glerup Pedersen, Affiliated Researcher at DANDRITE, and his colleagues have just received a big grant of 9.1 mio. DKK from the Lundbeck Foundation. The money will fund basic research into how nerve cell connections are formed. It can lead to new and better treatment and diagnosis of mental disorders, including ADHD. They have found that the…

2016.03.30 | Research news, AndersNykjær

New publication from Anders Nykjær's group - Sortilin mediates vascular calcification via its recruitment into extracellular vesicles

Vascular calcification is a common feature of major cardiovascular diseases. Extracellular vesicles participate in the formation of microcalcifications that are implicated in atherosclerotic plaque rupture; however, the mechanisms that regulate formation of calcifying extracellular vesicles remain obscure. Here, we have demonstrated that sortilin…

2016.03.30 | Awards

Lundbeck Foundation fellowship awarded to postdoc Muwan Chen

Postdoc Muwan Chen from Mark Denham’s group has been awarded a prestigious postdoc fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation, which will fund her research for 2 years on "Combining Stem Cells and Novel Bioactive Scaffolds to Develop new Parkinson Disease Therapies".

2016.03.15 | People , MagnusKjærgaard

New Team Leader Magnus Kjærgaard - Neurotransmitter receptors and effective concentrations in signalling complexes

Magnus Kjærgaard is appointed Team Leader at DANDRITE per 15 March 2016, as an expert in the use of single molecule fluorescence techniques and NMR spectroscopy. He will use these techniques to study the structural dynamics the intra-cellular domains of glutamate receptors and its associated signalling complexes. He is investigating how the…

2016.03.15 | News from the management

Job opportunity at DANDRITE

Two postdoc positions on the biophysics of protein linkers. Aarhus University invites applications for two postdoc positions on the functional and structural properties of linking domains in proteins based at iNANO and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. The positions are initially for one year with the possibility of extension. The…

2016.03.15 | People

New postdoc at DANDRITE

Trine Kvist Carlino started as postdoc in Hanne Poulsen's team per 15 March 2016. Trine will be working on the molecular pharmacology and functional properties of triheteromeric GluN3-containing NMDA receptors. The project will include studies on receptor assembly by SNAP-tag/CLIP-tag FRET technology and electrophysiological characterization of…

2016.03.08 | Research news

Job opportunity at Aarhus University - Tenure Track / Associate Professorship in Neurobiology

The available Tenure Track / Associate Professorship in Neurobiology seeks to strengthen and complement ongoing activities between Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, the Dept. of Biomedicine and the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine (DANDRITE), targeting the molecular function and physiological role of neural membrane receptors.…

2016.03.07 | Research news

Inauguration of The JOINT - The Electrophysiology, Optogenetics & Behavior workshop

The JOINT is an interactive workshop facility at Dept. Biomedicine (building 1182), for neuro-scientific research using electrophysiology, optogenetics, and behavioral experimental set ups. The JOINT workshop facility houses state-of-the-art equipment, such as electrophysiological/imaging set ups allowing simultaneous imaging/multiple whole-cell…

2016.03.01 | People

New postdoc at DANDRITE

Prasad Kasaragod started as postdoctoral fellow in Group Leader Poul Nissen's group on 22 February 2016. Prasad Kasaragod will be working with structural studies of membrane proteins involved in the muscle physiology. The proteins include Myomaker, a fusogenic protein involved in the myoblast fusion process, and two newly identified micropetides…

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