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(a) Purification strategy, (b) experimental methods used for structure determination, and (c) crystallisation methods used for eukaryotic membrane proteins over the last 2 years. Inset summarises the breakdown of usage for the polyHis, FLAG and StrepII entries in (a), respectively. Total values for each entry are indicated over the respective bar.

2016.06.29 | Research news, PoulNissen

New publication from Poul Nissen's group - Expression strategies for structural studies of eukaryotic membrane proteins

In collaboration with Bjørn Pedersen's group, Aarhus University. Integral membrane proteins in eukaryotes are central to various cellular processes and key targets in structural biology, biotechnology and drug development. However, the number of available structures for eukaryotic membrane protein belies their physiological importance. Recently,…

2016.06.15 | People

New postdoc at DANDRITE

Charlotte Skovgaard Sørensen started as a postdoc in Team Leader Magnus Kjærgaard's group per 1 June 2016. Charlotte will investigate the functional and structural properties of linking domains in protein complexes and how these properties affects the effective concentrations in signaling complexes.

Doğa Gündem

2016.06.13 | People

Two new interns at DANDRITE

Doğa Gündem (June 13 to July 29 2016) and Nazlı Deniz Yalnız (July 11 to September 23 2016) are both interns from Turkey in Keisuke Yonehara's group during the summer. The objective of the internships are to be trained in advanced research methods, which is not currently available in Turkey, in basic neurobiology field such as trans-synaptic…

2016.06.01 | People

New intern at DANDRITE

Hakan Demir started as an intern in Duda Kvitsiani's group per 1 June 2016. The goal of the internship is to train Hakan in advanced tools in fruit fly behavioral assays. He has a background in electrical engineering and his responsibilities and tasks will include to get familiar with custom made fruit fly foraging behavioural assays and modify it…

2016.06.01 | People

New laboratory technician at DANDRITE

Bjarke Thomsen started as a laboratory technician in Keisuke Yonehara's group per 1 June. Bjarke's responsibilities include ordering equipment and materials, preparing common buffer and solution, organizing shipment of materials between institutes, doing autoclaving, and taking part in the cleaning of the labs.

2016.06.01 | People

New academic employee at DANDRITE

Anna-Liisa Ikart started as an academic employee in Duda Kvitsiani's group per 1 June. Anna-Liisa will be working in the lab with behavioral box design and modeling, 3D printing, research assisting, and laboratory maintenance.

2016.06.01 | People

New research assistant at DANDRITE

Kranti Karande started as a research assistant in Keisuke Yonehara's group per 1 June. Kranti will be studying the role of FRMD-7 interacting molecules in the development of synaptic connectivity between direction-selective cells and inhibitory starbust amacrine cells in the mouse Retina. This study might help in identifying molecular and/or…