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2016.04.20 | People

New research assistant at DANDRITE

Sherif Idriss started as research assistant in Sadegh Nabavi's group on 10 March 2016. Sherif will be working on the role of heterosynaptic LTP and protein synthesis processes in long term memory formation.

2016.04.07 | Research news, People

Collaborative project granted through the Associate Research Program (DARE)

The collaborative research project is entitled: “Development of a genome engineering technique for cell-type labeling and its application for understanding neural processing of visual information”. It is granted to Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara in collaboration with Associate professor Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer, AU Dept. Molecular Biology and…

2016.04.06 | Awards, People

Lundbeck Foundation fellowship awarded to postdoc Joseph Lyons

Postdoc Joseph Lyons from Prof. Poul Nissen's group has been awarded a prestigious 2 year postdoctoral fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation to continue his research on the "Structure determination and functional characterization of P4- and P5-ATPases".

2016.04.05 | Awards, PoulNissen

Poul Nissen awarded the Aminoff Prize 2016

As the first Dane, Poul Nissen received Thursday the Aminoff Prize 2016 from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of the structural basis for ATP-driven transport of ions across cell membranes.

2016.04.01 | Awards

Dorota Focht awarded EMBO Short-term Fellowship

PhD student Dorota Focht in Group Leader Poul Nissen’s group has been awarded a 6 weeks short-term fellowship from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Dorota used the grant to do a research visit in the laboratory of Professor Jonathan Javitch at Columbia University (New York Institute, Devision of Molecular Therapeutics), US, from…

2016.04.01 | People

New student assistant at DANDRITE

Sofie Schmøkel started as a student assistant in Poul Nissen’s group on 1 April 2016. Sofie will assist the laboratory technicians in lab.

2016.04.01 | People

New research assistant at DANDRITE

Ole Søndergaard Schwartz started as a research assistant in Keisuke Yonehara's group per 1 April 2016. Ole will be investigating the development of retinotopy and direction selectivity in the superior colliculus.