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2015.03.31 | News from the management

Student assistant position in Drosophila neuroscience lab at DANDRITE

Application deadline 18 April 2015. Group Leader Anne von Phiipsborn is looking for a motivated, flexible, efficient and practical student help (10-15hrs per week) in the lab for Circuit Neuroscience and Behavioural Genetics at DANDRITE, Aarhus University. The duties will be maintenance of Drosophila stocks, preparation of fly food, general…

2015.03.26 | Events

Neuroscience Day 2015 - bridging basic and clinical research

On April 28 2015, NeuroCampus Aarhus hosts a Neuroscience Day for all affiliated research labs and centres as well as for students with interest in neuroscience. By bringing basic and clinical scientists together, the organisers wishes to encourage collaborations and strengthen translational neuroscience research within the NeuroCampus Aarhus…

2015.03.17 | Research news, MarkDenham

New publication from Mark Denham's group - Multipotent caudal neural progenitors derived from human pluripotent stem cells that give rise to lineages of the central and peripheral nervous system

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) can be directed into most cell types of the body. Our aim is to understand the signalling pathways that are required to direct their fate toward cell types of the nervous system. This study is the first to identify a multipotent neural progenitor derived from hPSCs, that gives rise to lineages of the central…

2015.03.11 | People

New student assistant at DANDRITE

DANDRITE welcomes Eeva-Liisa Johansen, who will be working as a student assistant at DANDRITE, starting 11 March 2015. Eeva-Liisa will be assisting the DANDRITE administration for a couple of days each week, to begin with each Wednesday and Thursday. She is a Danish student at Aarhus University, where she is studying Public Health on her first…

2015.03.09 | Events

Brain Prize Lecture "The empathic Brain" by Giacomo Rizzolatti - 10 March 2015

Professor of Human Physiology Giacomo Rizzolatti is the latest receiver of the greatest prize in brain research, The Brain Prize. We are happy to announce that he will give the associated public lecture 'The Brain Prize public lecture' at the lecture series 'Offentlige foredrag i Naturvidenskab' (Public Lectures in Natural Science). In the…