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2015.12.22 | People

Research assistant appointment

Susanne Schousboe Sjøgaard has been appointed to continue as Scientific Coordinator / Personal Assistant in Group Leader Anders Nykjær's group on 22 December 2015. Susanne S. Sjøgaard is working with coordination of scientific material, applications, and fundraising in the Nykjær group, and assist in the daily administration in the DANDRITE admin.…

2015.12.18 | Research news, KeisukeYonehara

New publication from Keisuke Yonehara's group - Congenital nystagmus gene FRMD7 is necessary for establishing a neuronal circuit asymmetry for direction selectivity

Neuronal circuit asymmetries are important components of brain circuits, but the molecular pathways leading to their establishment remain unknown. Here we found that the mutation of FRMD7, a gene which is defective in human congenital nystagmus, leads to the selective loss of the horizontal optokinetic reflex in mice, as it does in humans. This is…

2015.12.17 | People , ArneMöller

Arne Möller appointed Group Leader at Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt

Team leader Arne Möller has been appointed Independent Research Group Leader at the Department for Structural Biology, Max-Planck-Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt. In Frankfurt his group will continue to study the 3D-strucutre of membrane proteins by transmission electron microscopy. Arne will retain a part-time affiliation to Aarhus University…

2015.12.17 | Awards

Oleg Sitsel awarded first prize in Estonian student research competition

Oleg Sitsel, former PhD student in Poul Nissen's research group, has been awarded first prize by the Estonian Research Council's national student research competition for his PhD research into determining the structure and function of heavy metal ATPases.

2015.12.16 | Awards

Oleg Sitsel awarded a 2-year EMBO Long Term Fellowship

Research assistant and former PhD student Oleg Sitsel from Poul Nissen’s and Keisuke Yonehara’s research groups has been awarded a 2-year EMBO Long Term Fellowship to study drug transporters from the solute carrier family of membrane proteins, which play a particularly prominent role in distributing drugs across the body. Oleg Sitsel will use the…

2015.12.15 | Awards, DudaKvitsiani

Duda Kvitsiani receives AUFF NOVA grant

Group Leader Duda Kvitsiani has receiced a 1.2 mio DKK NOVA grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF) for his project on “Next generation tools for recording neurons in 3D volume”. The aim of AUFF NOVA is to stimulate courageous and innovative research projects of high quality – projects which may have difficulties obtaining…

2015.12.15 | News from the management

Job opportunity at DANDRITE

Technician in neuroscience lab. We are looking for a motivated Technician in the laboratory for Circuit Neuroscience and Behavioural Genetics at DANDRITE, the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience at Aarhus University. The position is initially on a one year fixed-term with the possibility of extension to a permanent position.…

2015.12.14 | Awards

EI3POD funding for postdoc Azadeh Shahsavar

The EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoc (EIPOD) programme has awarded an EIPOD fellowship to postdoc Azadeh Shahsavar from Poul Nissen’s group. Azadeh Shahsavar will be hosted by the laboratory of Thomas Schneider from EMBL Hamburg and Janet Thornton from EMBL EBI, where she will start in the January 2016. Poul Nissen (DANDRITE) and Roche will take…

2015.12.08 | Awards, KeisukeYonehara

Keisuke Yonehara receives grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Group Leader Keisuke Yonehara has been awarded a 2 year project grant of 1.2 mio. DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Medical and Natural Sciences Research, to support his research on function and dysfunction of optokinetic circuits in mice.

2015.12.07 | People

Visiting student at DANDRITE

Akhil Pukkattu John is visiting ERASMUS student in Anne von Philipsborn’s group for 6 months from 1 December 2015. Akhil will be working on a project addressing the genetic and neuronal circuit basis of learning and memory in a Drosophila model system.

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