Hanne Poulsen

Electrophysiology of electrogenic transporters and ion channels

Hanne Poulsen is Team Leader at DANDRITE and Assistant professor at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Hanne Poulsen's field of expertise is electrophysiology of electrogenic transporters and ion channels. She is also establishing voltage-clamp flourometry based on incorporation of unnatural amino acids through genetic code expansion. Her research topics include the sodium-potassium pump and transient receptor potential (TRP) channels. Hanne Poulsen is the recipient of the 2014 Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship award at DKK 10 million for a five-year period.

Link to news article about Hanne Poulsen's Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship

It is necessary for all cells in the human body that the sodium-potassium pump works as it should. The pump is a complex and fascinating machine that works from its position in the cell membrane to ensure the right balance between sodium and potassium ions in the intracellular and extracellular environments (Figure: Hanne Poulsen)